Friday, January 13, 2012

The Office: "Trivia" Review 8:11

A nice start to the year, not the funniest episode of
the season so far, but it wasn't all about Jim, which
is a good start, in fact Jim had no role to play really.

The plot revolved around the Office going to a trivia
night at a gay bar Oscar goes to, to try and win
a 1000 dollars so they can buy paper to meet,
Robert California's benchmark.

Of course they split up the teams, in the so called
smart team their is Jim, Andy, Darryl  Ryan, the throw away
team was Creed, Stanley, Phyllis and Pam replacement
and the dumb team made up of Erin, Kevin, Meredith and
Kelly. Oscar was with his friends on a separate team.

Of course it was Kevin who won it for his team!!! A nice

The side story was Robert California not wanting to
in interview Dwight for a management position, so
Gabe has to do the interview, that story line didn't

A few good one liners, not a classic episode, but
not a bad one, all in all, a good solid effort.

Seven out of ten.


Anonymous said...

Having read an interview of show runner Paul Lieberstein yesterday the Florida Dwight trip made perfect sense to me. Dwight will be returning to Florida Sabre for a six episode arc in the near future; this was the setup episode for that happening, plus it also was the plot line that explains Gabe, and explains why Robert is away from the corporate office so much.

For me this was a very good B plot line...but then I realized it was a set up for the Robert had a couple of great quotables regarding Oreo cookies, Florida, and alligators!

Brett Dale said...

Good to hear that they are doing something with the Dwight storyline.

The fact that is was a setup episode, makes far more sense, and this could end up being a brilliant storyline, hopefully they will really go places with this.

Thanks for the info!