Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Office: "Pool Party" Review 8:12

The Office has blown it's big chance, this could've been
a defining moment in the show, but instead the writers
of Pool Party, got cold feet and didn't go there.

This episode was about Robert California throwing
a pool party at his house which is about to be sold,
and Erin trying to make Andy Jealous with the help
of Dwight.

Highlights had to be, Dwight and Stanley, getting one
up on Jim, who thought he was pranking Dwight with
his meatball stunt, he in fact was feeding them.

Other highlight had to be as always Robert California
asking Jim why he laughed at his pain.

The episode might of had a moment, up
their with Rader telling the surgeons that
Henry Blake's coptor has gone down.

During one scene with with Erin on Dwight's
shoulders in the pool, you see Dwight collaspe
into the pool, you hear an inaudible talk from
someone at the pool deck, then silence as
you see Dwight floating into the water, it
then fades to black and a commercial.

When they come back, not only is Dwight alive
and well, but its like nothing has happened, why
they put in that true moment of terror and then
not do anything with it is beyond me.

The other Dwight moments were strange, kicking
Erin into the Pool, (not in a comic way, but in a cruel
sociopathic way) just seemed wrong, and then a moment
of kindness calling Andy an idiot, for not seeing that
Erin still loves him.

All in all, a strange episode that could've gone down
in TV history, yet the writers got cold feet.

PS: Why did they add the scene of a Jim being a
drunk driver.

6.5/10, but it might of been 10/10 if the writers
had courage.

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