Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy our cellphones?

Not sure about the occupy protestors in other parts
of the world, but the ones in New Zealand, are
supposedly against capitalism in a  big big way.

The hatred they have for this ideology is not
matched anywhere in the world, the dozen
or so protestors were joined by John Minto today
as the Auckland city council told them they can
stay but they cant set up camp and they had to
stop harassing members of the public.

Well when the police came in, these anti west and
anti capitalism protestors, pulled out their blackberry's
their Iphones, their cell phones, their ipads, their androids and all
matter of devices, and started ringing, texting.filming, bluetoothing
logging on to the web to denounce, well material things
and capitalism.

I don't think the reporter had the heart to point out
the irony.

Someone needs to though.

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