Thursday, January 12, 2012

NBA Low scores

Not the greatest way to start a strike infested season,
maybe it is because of the tight schedule, maybe three
games in three days is too much, maybe the defensive
patterns are getting better. but these low scores are

There is higher scoring in International basketball at the
moment, and I think there maybe a shift coming up
in tv viewers.

I mean nine points a quater for a team is now  a regular.
occurrence, some teams are struggling to get 75 points
a game, its just so frustrating to watch players miss
easy shots, surly this is now a concern to the NBA,
who is going to tune in to see the Heat win 82-61
or the Mavs win  79-64, I mean there was one game
when a team just got six points in a entire quater.

I mean seriously guys, something is wrong here.

Heres hoping they get it sorted out, quick.

Time will tell.

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