Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Little Bo Beep" 3:13

Once again Modern Family has had  a ten out ten
episode, with Little Bo Beep.

The episode revolved about Claire's election debate,
Jay's dog jumping into the swimming pool, and Lilly
dropping the F bomb.

All the talk before this episode was by the nut jobs at
the parent television council and the virgin mormon
McKay Hatch who wanted the episode banned because
its a  form of child abuse if a child days the F word according
to Hatch.

Of course Hatch's real problem and the problem with
those who want it ban lies with thier issue of showing
a Gay couple to be loving, amazing parents.

Lets hope no one will ever listen to those wackos

The episode itself had so many highlights, Jay
giving the blanket to his dog not his wife, Lilly's
cursing and laughing at the wedding, but the
show's best moment came during the debate,
when Phil so totally out of his depth. tried to
help his wife, but only made it worse by
giving his version of the Valentine day

It also showed a connection with Alex and
Claire, which was sweet, and the different
reaction Mitch and Cam gave to Lily's

One of the best episodes of a perfect

BTW the writers got Lily to say Fudge and
they beep it out.

Line of the night goes to Cam commenting on
her dress that lights up...

"Ships at sea wouldn't miss Lily"

McKay Hatch, the Parents Television Council and
the right wing groups should be embarrassed  by
their over reaction, and must think twice before they
spout their vile.

Modern Family is the best family show on air at the
moment, and nothing the haters say can change that.

Ten out of Ten for Tonight's Episode.

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