Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Lifetime Supply"

Modern Family has once again, done another ten out
of ten episode. Lifetime Supply has Phil worrying about
if he was going to die, as he waited on news from his
doctor, Mitch winning Environmental Lawyer of the year,
and Manny's father paying him a visit.

All these were tied in with Gloria's dream about a black
mouse, and in her country that means something bad
is about to happen.

Highlights of the Episode was a young looking Phil on
a game show from his past, Mitch realizing he was
acting like a 14 year old girl when Alex was agreeing
with him, and Luke's BFF being an 80 year old man, who
had the line of the night "IM 85 years old, death is my
room mate"

So again hats off to Modern Family for a ten out of ten

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