Friday, January 13, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Egg Drop" 3:12

Best Episode of the season so far, and another ten out
of ten. What can one say.

I never saw it coming, I had no idea that Manny and Luke
were playing Jay and Claire against each other so they
would do their school projects for them, a normal sitcom
wouldn't have had that storyline, and would of just focus
on the main rivalry, but this is what makes Modern Family
so special.

Other highlights had to be Phil shouting into the microphone
during his seminar, when he was suppose to be whispering
into the phone, and of course Cam's reaction to being told
he is not a good singer, was priceless.

The episode worked because each character got to show
a side of their personality, heres hoping they will continue
to do this in latter episodes

As usual a Modern Family episode gets ten out of ten.

Best thing on television.

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