Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt Romney The GOP's John Kerry

Meet the GOP's version of John Kerry.

He's proud, he's white, he preys to baby Jesus at night, he
cares about you, and he cant win.

Just look at the photo, God I'm hard already, I mean look
at him, dont ya just want him, but if you do, you will be
wanting a loser.

Let's get one thing straight, he's a politician, he cares about
his donors, he cares about himself,  he doesn't care about the
little people and President Obama will bitch slap him in the debates,
and Fox News will cry "Liberal Media" when he loses.

He could actually win the election if he did one thing, but
no politician will do this, if he comes out against bigotry,
if he comes out and says, "The reason I'm against Obama
care, is because I am paid millions by people to stop it,
I dont give a fuck about you, i care about me"

He will win, because he is being honest, but no, he will shake
hands, kiss babies, tell old people that he cares, mention God
about a thousand times, and he will get their votes, but
not enough to win.

He's boring, he's Kerry and Gore rolled into one, and his
ideas, well he has now, except to suck up to his donors.

President Obama to win in a landslide.

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Yashwant Parmar said...

Exactly. I kinda hope Santorum wins the nomination, simply so he can debate Obama and get crushed. I would also like to see him call Obama evil, to Obama's face.