Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch at Nice Cafe, But...

Okay then I am not one of these people who glare at 
other people's kids in public when they are making 
a disturbance, in fact I hate those people who
do that, having got younger relatives who
get a bit crazy (like all kids) I wont judge 
someone else kids if they are misbehaving.

In saying that their has to be a limit, and 
there has to be a time when a parent/caregiver
starts to take control. I think kids should be able
to be kids in public, even have meltdowns, or just 
generally act stupid.  

Its the parents reaction that gets to me.  
For example I was in this cafe, having a quiet 
meal, (the cafe was a normal run of the mill
cafe, not way over the top posh, but it was nice) A
mother had a couple of children there, the oldest was
probably nine the youngest around 
six or seven.  

Well the kids started running around, the youngest
had a toy car which he liked to bang on other
peoples tables, while the oldest, screamed "lets
play tag" they were hiding behind myself and
other people at this cafe, behind the chairs etc
etc, laughing, bumping into people, well the
cafe manager came out and gave them a look 
that said "dont do that"  

Well the mother was beside herself, she stood up
and screamed "Dont have fun kids, remember 
dont have fun, your not allowed to laugh or be 
happy" then she started cracking up and giving
people dirty looks while still saying "Oh your having
to much fun, the police are going to come now" 

The lady she was with was cheering her on.  
Like I said, Kids should be allowed to be kids,
but was  this too over the top or am I being
grumpy???? The place wasnt fastfood, it was a
nice cafe, not sandwiches but meals.

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