Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let Lily Speak "The F Word"

McKay Hatch is a bigot. He is the idiot who started
the no cussing club and wants Modern family pulled
from Television, because of an episode that has Lily
drop the F Bomb. Lily is the two year old daughter of
loving gay couple Mitch and Cam.

The episode airs tonight, and revolves around Lily 
saying the word, and Mitch and Cam's reaction to it.

In taping the show, the child actually said Fudge, and the
word is beeped out and pixilated.

Lets be honest, McKay Hatch hates swearing, 
 but his real problem is his bigotry.
Like all these so called parent groups, he hates
Modern family because it shows a loving Gay
couple as great parents.

People like him should not be listen to.
This homophobic bullshit should never be
listen to.

Here's hoping tonight's episode will be the
funniest one yet, from the greatest show
currently on television, Modern Family!!!

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