Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jacob Oram Eyes Pay Day

There is an news story on the web, by fairfax at
their stuff website, about Jacob Oram.

It states that despite his injuries, he is still eyeing
the Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup, he says his
heart is still in the game.

Maybe some honesty here will be nice, Jacob doesn't
care about the game, and he certainly doesnt care
about the Twenty 20 World Cup, this is an excuse so
New Zealand Cricket will give him a contract, thus making
it easier for him to play in the IPL and earn some large
money for himself over a four/six week period.

Does he think the New Zealand cricket public is that
stupid? Howe can he be that stupid.

Mr Oram, it's the money that you are after and nothing
else, you dont care about the world cup or the Blackcaps,
at least be honest with your intentions.

But with a media like ours, I guess you don't have to be.

Shame on the media, and shame on you Mr Oram.

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