Thursday, January 12, 2012

India Set to Crush Australia

I mean really Australia, never in the history
of cricket or sport for that matter, has there
even been a country more thin-skinned, more
with a sense of entitlement, than the Aussies.

The Australian cricket team feels they have the
right to sledge, be abusive, scream, yell, make
smart ass comments, treat other countries like
Sh*t, (but like other bullies in society) if someone
dares do they same to them, they shrug their little
shoulders, and cry out "You cant do that"

Well Im afraid Ponting and Clarke, watch out,
because Tendulkar is set to make cricket
history, and you wont have your umpires or
Billy "The Aussie" Bowen to save you.

India has been the premier team of the past
15 years, and you guys are in for a world of
hurt, they are class all the way, something you
have always lacked. So lets hear it for India,
they about to make cricket history, and stun
Australia and just maybe , Clarke will have to
give credit where credit is due.

I anit holding my breath though.

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