Thursday, January 12, 2012

If I was Ricky Gervais

I would go postal at the Golden Globes, I don't
mean he should take a gun and shoot the place up,
I mean he should rip into the big guns, like they
have never been ripped into before.

Forget about alcohol jokes for Gibson or drug
jokes for Sheen or jokes about being a cu*t for
Clooney and Bale here is what he should do...

He should have a blown up police photo of the woman
that Charlie Sheen abused, it should show her bruises,
her fear, her sadness, in what this creep did to her.

He should then show pictures from world war two, with
a big pic of Mel Gibson or his dad, denying it ever happened,
wont that be a scream, wont it.

Or maybe just maybe, show a picture of George Clooney
giving his fellow actors a lecture on how much everybody
on the planet sucks except him.

Finally he should bring a battered and bruise mother on
the stage, (Christan Bale's mother) and let the world
see what  a jerkoff he really is, despite being able to
read lines on a piece on paper in front of a camera.

Will he do this, time will tell.

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