Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hmmm CupCakes

Hmmm Cupcakes.

Over at the always interesting blog,
The Hand Mirror, there is a post
about cupcakes, and I think I read
a line about it being a food of privilege.

My own personal opinion is that they
are cupcakes, doesn't matter what side
of the fence you sit on, if you sit on a fence
at all.

Cupcakes are cupcakes, they are yummy and
sweet and taste good, and are perfect for almost
any occasion.

By eating  a cupcake you aren't making a
political point, you aren't making a
statement, your having a yummy treat, that's
it, no more and no less.

So if you make your own, or buy your own,
have one without shame, because you anit
hurting anyone.

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