Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey Reality TV, heres your star

Hey reality TV, here is your star, here is your number one
guy, he's all that, hes the situation, in 20 or so years since
reality TV took off, with the UK's version of Big Brother,
it's evolved into Mike Sorrentino, 20 years of evolution for
this piece of shit.

He has millions of fans, then so do the ladies who bet up
a supermarket worker, hes on all the shows, people
clap like trained circus seals, every time he opens his
mouth, and of course thousands of lines are written
about his ab's, but what has he achieved?

Zero, nothing, zilch.

I'm also guessing this guy is no long term financial planner.

So when his looks go, when another TV show about a bunch
of rich Cu*ts acting like Pr*ks take off, Mike Sorrentino will
probably be on some local basic cable station selling vacuum
cleaners, paying off some cheap nasty drug habit.

Cool, Huh.

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