Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BREAKING NEWS: A jury has  ordered Integris
to pay back $500 Thousand to Garth Brooks for
failing to name a wing at their hospital after the
country superstar's late mother.

The Jury now has to decided on Punitive damages, the
Jury said that the Hospital  acted with Fraud and intentional
malice and disregard for others.

Here's hoping this sends a strong message to Integris, that
in the future they will treat people and with the respect they

Well done to Garth Brooks and his family.

Update. (It would appear the fraud is a big element in
this case and the Jury has decided the Hospital had
no intention of building another wing for Woman's Health
and naming it after Garth Brook's mother)

Update2: (A further $500 Thousand has been awarded
to Garth Brooks in punitive damages.)

Here's hoping it  a lesson to all Hospitals around the world, if you
receive a large donation for something as important
as a Woman's Health Centre, make sure you build
it, its the right thing to do.

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