Thursday, January 12, 2012

Criminals Don't like getting caught

Criminals sure don't like getting caught, do

The video has gone viral, and the whole world
is looking at these shop lifters with disgust, at
how two human beings can act so unhuman.

The incident took place at a Countdown Supermarket
in Rotorua, New Zealand. two shoplifters got caught, and
then decided to verbally abuse and physically assault the
staff members.

The sad part of the incident was that the two accused
weren't teenagers but adults, a 30 year old and a
50 year old

Thankfully the Police have made the arrests, and the
pair will appear in court. They will IMHO show
no remorse, in fact the opposite, they will probably
abuse the media, they will have a sense of entitlement,
as criminals do, and they probably will get off with
little or no punishment.

I would love the judge to fine them, send them out
to do community service, and I would love them
to say sorry to the people they assaulted, although
you have to have some sort of human dignity to say
sorry to people you have wrong, which seems to
be lacking here, with these two individuals.

Thoughts and wishes go out to the staff at
Countdown Rotorua.

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