Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chronicle 2012

2012 is shaping up to be a year of chances
in Hollywood. So much money has been poured
into one project, so much hope into another, but
it just might be a movie with little known actors
that steal the show, then again, it could be the
biggest disappointment of 2012.

Basically the movie year for mainstream cinema
shapes up like this....

The Avengers, Hollywood hasn't been Billions on
four movies before this, leading up to last year's
Captain America in what has to be the worst Cameo
in Movie History, with Snakes on a Plane, Samuel
L Jackson, brief appearance at the end, for The
Avengers to just take movie goers by surprise.

More money will be spent on advertising this thing
than ever before, you won't wake up without
knowing what time this thing is playing in the
cinema. No matter how much this sucks, it
will take in at least $250 million.

George Clooney will once again direct himself
as a leading man for the ladies and a nice guy with
a heart, he will tilt his head to one side, and people
will give him a Oscar.

Of Course The Dark Knight will be brilliant, anything
Christopher Nolan puts his mind too is, will it get
near, Inception for pure magic, time will tell.

The big hit though, could be Chronicle, unknown
actors, not a huge budget, SiFi, may actually blow
cinema goers away, the buzz is amazing, but it
will take time to find out if the buzz was just an
excellent viral marketing trick, or justified.

The trailer looks awesome, but this will go either
way, a flop that wont even reach the $50 Million
mark or a smash that will garner $500 Million
world wide.

Or I am hoping from this years movies is that
Sarah Jessica Parker and JLO don't do another
Romantic comedy or that Adam Slander doesn't
do any movie at all.

Time will tell.

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