Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brilliant Century by David Warner, BUT...

Yeppers, reel it  back in Aussie cricket commentators.

Yes it was a great century, yes it was the fourth fastest,
but some of the commentary last night, and some of the
articles  written, would have you thinking that this was the
greatest feat in the history of mankind.

It wasn't.

He scored a fast century against a weak bowling attack,
that's it.

He didn't cure cancer or Aids, he didn't bring world peace,
judging by comments today on the internet, he did though.

For the Aussie commentators to perform like they did
last night was beyond belief, I mean saying "Warner is
showing us that you can score, 300, 400 or 500 runs,
hes changing test cricket, hes a legend, no one has
done what he  has done."

BTW hes on 104.

For writers to write, that he's totally in the heads of India,
 and knows more  about cricket than any other India player and that
the game was won, when he first walked out to bat, because India
knew they were defeated because of the mind games by
Warner, is crazy.

Every shot Warner did, the commentators were gasping with
delight, like no one had ever played a cover drive before.

I personally felt embarrassed for Journalism.

Yes David Warner it was an amazing innings, but did
it change test cricket to score a century against a
weak bowling attack who dont play well away???

Of course it didn't.

Someone needs to tell Tony Greig though.

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