Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bigot of the Year

Meet the early front runner for Bigot of the year.

When the girl scouts of America made the right choice to
allow a transgender child to join , Taylor was so outraged,
she went straight to youtube and ask people to boycott
the cookies, and she refused to sell the Cookies in protest.

She of course made her video while wearing a Cross (I guess
she thinks that makes her more right, must be watching Fox

Of all the fuckin things to protest about, I can imagine a Cu*t like
Brian Tamaki or the Phelps family protesting, but what is wrong
with society when a 14 year old feels the need to protest
a group because they allow transgender children to join?

We can only be happy in the fact for every girl like Taylor
out there, there is a 1000 who would protest for the
inclusion of everybody.

Well done to them, and Taylor get over yourself, just because
you wear a cross doesn't make you right.

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