Thursday, January 12, 2012

Andrew Saville and Other NZ Journos

Hey Andrew Saville, Craig Stanaway, Jack Tame,
Brendan Telfer, Phil Gifford, Joesph Romanos, could
you please do me a favour and shut the fu*k up about
fu*kin Rugby for two seconds.

Yes, I know it's our national sport, and I know last
year was the world cup, but why oh do you have to knock
other sports in 2012.

Do you think it makes your insignificant minority sport
outside our country look better when you have a go
at other codes???

Why do you have to contuine to tell the public, that
all these other sporting teams arent as courageous or
as athletic  as the mighty mother fu*kin All Blacks.

You are aware that all over the world people are
just as passionate about their teams and sports, but
you guys think its some kind of major crime, hell
that hatred you guys show to other sports is sick.

So here is a plea, drop the hate, during Olympics
please dont criticize, please dont ask the overseas
sport people, what do they think of our might rugby
players, because guess what they havent heard of

Show Bolt, Show Lebron James, show Phelps the
respect they deserve, but I dont think you will, I
don't think you will have the integrity  as Journos
to do this.

You will mock any other sport star that is loved
globally, (just because you think it takes away from
the unknown Dan Carter) you will ask pathetic questions
to the Russians and the Chinese, like "What do you
think of the All Blacks?"

You will laugh and snigger at everybody there, because
in your sick ugly little minds, no one is worthy of
praise, unless they play Rugby.

Well how about giving it as rest, and report on the sports
that the world cares about and not a sport where the players
are only known in a  handful of countries and the world doesnt
give a sh*t about.

Time will tell.

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