Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012


Modern Family has won the SAG award for best
cast in a comedy series.

If there was ever an award designed for this show,
then best cast will be it.

It's a tribute to the adult actors and it's a tribute
to the child actors (Glee take note, I love ya, but
it's not a good look having 32 year olds playing 16
year olds)

What a nice gesture also by the show to allow the
kid actors to have fun during the acceptance speech.

Again a big congrats to Modern Family, which IMHO
will go down along side the greats of Comedy, MASH,
Seinfeld the Office.

It is truly brilliant and a credit to all those involved.

Hats off them.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wellington Phoenix Wins!

Man I was so close to flying to Wellington for this game,
but in the end I didn't, too many bills to be paid, but well
done to all those who went to the game.

I was really concerned at the end of the first half, at 1-1,
it seems to me that a  Ricki Herbert coached side will
take an early lead and then get way too defensive and
go to lose, and when the Heart equalized I thought the
same thing is going to happen.

Thankfully it didn't, a brilliant second half, full of attacking
football, saw the Phoenix win 3-1.

Hats off to the Yellow Fever people, the loudest bunch
of supporters a team could hope to have.

Can they go all the way and be the second New Zealand
team to win an Australian championship behind Basketball's

Time will tell, in the meantime, enjoy the ride.


Judging by Poll figures at this blog. M*A*S*H even
though it finished its run 20 years ago is still the most
beloved show in History.

How timeless huh, a show done in the 70's to early 80's
about a war in the 50's.

Shows what great writing and a great cast can do.

Take note wanna be writers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Well Done to the shareholders of Crafar Farms

Well done to all those that bought shares in
Crafar Farms, (I wish I was one of them) With
the Government rightfully approving  the sale to
a Chinese company, many Kiwis are now better
off, shame on those who tried to stop this, shame
on those people who wanted a cheaper deal for
them at the expensive of the small kiwi shareholders
who invested their money.

I remembered of the racist hate that Helen Clarke
poured out to the NZ public so she could stop
the sale of Auckland International Airport, costing
ten thousand kiwis a ton of money.

Thankfully the National government didn't stop this
sale, unlike the Labour government with the  airport.

A word to those who scream out "It belongs to the people,
it belong to me"

No it fuckin doesn't it belongs to the kiwis who took their
time and money, not some piece of crap, who have
never taken the risk to make things better, but would
stand on the sidelines, telling people who they can or cannot sell

Well done to the small shareholders, enjoy your rewards.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BREAKING NEWS: A jury has  ordered Integris
to pay back $500 Thousand to Garth Brooks for
failing to name a wing at their hospital after the
country superstar's late mother.

The Jury now has to decided on Punitive damages, the
Jury said that the Hospital  acted with Fraud and intentional
malice and disregard for others.

Here's hoping this sends a strong message to Integris, that
in the future they will treat people and with the respect they

Well done to Garth Brooks and his family.

Update. (It would appear the fraud is a big element in
this case and the Jury has decided the Hospital had
no intention of building another wing for Woman's Health
and naming it after Garth Brook's mother)

Update2: (A further $500 Thousand has been awarded
to Garth Brooks in punitive damages.)

Here's hoping it  a lesson to all Hospitals around the world, if you
receive a large donation for something as important
as a Woman's Health Centre, make sure you build
it, its the right thing to do.

The Office: "Pool Party" Review 8:12

The Office has blown it's big chance, this could've been
a defining moment in the show, but instead the writers
of Pool Party, got cold feet and didn't go there.

This episode was about Robert California throwing
a pool party at his house which is about to be sold,
and Erin trying to make Andy Jealous with the help
of Dwight.

Highlights had to be, Dwight and Stanley, getting one
up on Jim, who thought he was pranking Dwight with
his meatball stunt, he in fact was feeding them.

Other highlight had to be as always Robert California
asking Jim why he laughed at his pain.

The episode might of had a moment, up
their with Rader telling the surgeons that
Henry Blake's coptor has gone down.

During one scene with with Erin on Dwight's
shoulders in the pool, you see Dwight collaspe
into the pool, you hear an inaudible talk from
someone at the pool deck, then silence as
you see Dwight floating into the water, it
then fades to black and a commercial.

When they come back, not only is Dwight alive
and well, but its like nothing has happened, why
they put in that true moment of terror and then
not do anything with it is beyond me.

The other Dwight moments were strange, kicking
Erin into the Pool, (not in a comic way, but in a cruel
sociopathic way) just seemed wrong, and then a moment
of kindness calling Andy an idiot, for not seeing that
Erin still loves him.

All in all, a strange episode that could've gone down
in TV history, yet the writers got cold feet.

PS: Why did they add the scene of a Jim being a
drunk driver.

6.5/10, but it might of been 10/10 if the writers
had courage.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy our cellphones?

Not sure about the occupy protestors in other parts
of the world, but the ones in New Zealand, are
supposedly against capitalism in a  big big way.

The hatred they have for this ideology is not
matched anywhere in the world, the dozen
or so protestors were joined by John Minto today
as the Auckland city council told them they can
stay but they cant set up camp and they had to
stop harassing members of the public.

Well when the police came in, these anti west and
anti capitalism protestors, pulled out their blackberry's
their Iphones, their cell phones, their ipads, their androids and all
matter of devices, and started ringing, texting.filming, bluetoothing
logging on to the web to denounce, well material things
and capitalism.

I don't think the reporter had the heart to point out
the irony.

Someone needs to though.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bye Bye The Standard

Made the mistake of going to the New Zealand website,
the standard, this site which is extreme left is full of the
most bigoted/racist hate speech the internet has ever

Why did I go to this site, well I wanted to have my say,
and I wanted to say its wrong to be racist and bigoted,
but they think its okay to be racist against the west.

So I will never go to that site again.

Good riddance to them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garth Brooks Emotional Court Appearance

Gotta feel for Garth Brooks at the moment,  to donate
money to a Hospital thinking they were going to name
awing after your mother who has passed on, only to
find that they have taken the money, but didn't name
the wing after her, must be gutting.

What can one say, it would appear the good nature
of Garth Brooks has been taken advantage of, this
man has done a ton of charity work, he is always
hands on, his recent work in rebuilding homes
in Haiti  was amazing, he certainly doesn't just
lend his name to causes, he does the work.

Fans have been outside the courthouse, I
kinda think they should let him go through
this without having to be on, though.

So it sad when all this happens, let hope the
court decides in Garth's favour.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Little Bo Beep" 3:13

Once again Modern Family has had  a ten out ten
episode, with Little Bo Beep.

The episode revolved about Claire's election debate,
Jay's dog jumping into the swimming pool, and Lilly
dropping the F bomb.

All the talk before this episode was by the nut jobs at
the parent television council and the virgin mormon
McKay Hatch who wanted the episode banned because
its a  form of child abuse if a child days the F word according
to Hatch.

Of course Hatch's real problem and the problem with
those who want it ban lies with thier issue of showing
a Gay couple to be loving, amazing parents.

Lets hope no one will ever listen to those wackos

The episode itself had so many highlights, Jay
giving the blanket to his dog not his wife, Lilly's
cursing and laughing at the wedding, but the
show's best moment came during the debate,
when Phil so totally out of his depth. tried to
help his wife, but only made it worse by
giving his version of the Valentine day

It also showed a connection with Alex and
Claire, which was sweet, and the different
reaction Mitch and Cam gave to Lily's

One of the best episodes of a perfect

BTW the writers got Lily to say Fudge and
they beep it out.

Line of the night goes to Cam commenting on
her dress that lights up...

"Ships at sea wouldn't miss Lily"

McKay Hatch, the Parents Television Council and
the right wing groups should be embarrassed  by
their over reaction, and must think twice before they
spout their vile.

Modern Family is the best family show on air at the
moment, and nothing the haters say can change that.

Ten out of Ten for Tonight's Episode.

Let Lily Speak "The F Word"

McKay Hatch is a bigot. He is the idiot who started
the no cussing club and wants Modern family pulled
from Television, because of an episode that has Lily
drop the F Bomb. Lily is the two year old daughter of
loving gay couple Mitch and Cam.

The episode airs tonight, and revolves around Lily 
saying the word, and Mitch and Cam's reaction to it.

In taping the show, the child actually said Fudge, and the
word is beeped out and pixilated.

Lets be honest, McKay Hatch hates swearing, 
 but his real problem is his bigotry.
Like all these so called parent groups, he hates
Modern family because it shows a loving Gay
couple as great parents.

People like him should not be listen to.
This homophobic bullshit should never be
listen to.

Here's hoping tonight's episode will be the
funniest one yet, from the greatest show
currently on television, Modern Family!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hmmm CupCakes

Hmmm Cupcakes.

Over at the always interesting blog,
The Hand Mirror, there is a post
about cupcakes, and I think I read
a line about it being a food of privilege.

My own personal opinion is that they
are cupcakes, doesn't matter what side
of the fence you sit on, if you sit on a fence
at all.

Cupcakes are cupcakes, they are yummy and
sweet and taste good, and are perfect for almost
any occasion.

By eating  a cupcake you aren't making a
political point, you aren't making a
statement, your having a yummy treat, that's
it, no more and no less.

So if you make your own, or buy your own,
have one without shame, because you anit
hurting anyone.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Modern Family Wins Golden Globe

Well done to Modern family for winning the Golden
Globe for best Comedy, they deserve it.

At a night where the host, Ricky Gervais shined, Modern
Family once again proved they are the best comedy on
air at the moment.

Here's hoping that continuation of the Hollywood Foreign
Press  Association sucking up to the non actor George
Clooney, doesn't take away from the brillant achievement
of Modern Family or the perfect host Ricky Gervais.

If this third season or Modern Family is anything to go
by, they are going to need a bigger trophy cabinet.

Well done to them.

George Clooney Buys I mean Wins Globes

Seriously Hollywood Foreign Press  Association?

It's all about that guy isn't it?

You guys should be ashamed.

Cut Copy and Paste

No I'm not drunk my previous post about a Cafe, well
I had written it on a forum and decided to copy and
paste it here, to same time writing it again, didn't
work too well huh!

Lunch at Nice Cafe, But...

Okay then I am not one of these people who glare at 
other people's kids in public when they are making 
a disturbance, in fact I hate those people who
do that, having got younger relatives who
get a bit crazy (like all kids) I wont judge 
someone else kids if they are misbehaving.

In saying that their has to be a limit, and 
there has to be a time when a parent/caregiver
starts to take control. I think kids should be able
to be kids in public, even have meltdowns, or just 
generally act stupid.  

Its the parents reaction that gets to me.  
For example I was in this cafe, having a quiet 
meal, (the cafe was a normal run of the mill
cafe, not way over the top posh, but it was nice) A
mother had a couple of children there, the oldest was
probably nine the youngest around 
six or seven.  

Well the kids started running around, the youngest
had a toy car which he liked to bang on other
peoples tables, while the oldest, screamed "lets
play tag" they were hiding behind myself and
other people at this cafe, behind the chairs etc
etc, laughing, bumping into people, well the
cafe manager came out and gave them a look 
that said "dont do that"  

Well the mother was beside herself, she stood up
and screamed "Dont have fun kids, remember 
dont have fun, your not allowed to laugh or be 
happy" then she started cracking up and giving
people dirty looks while still saying "Oh your having
to much fun, the police are going to come now" 

The lady she was with was cheering her on.  
Like I said, Kids should be allowed to be kids,
but was  this too over the top or am I being
grumpy???? The place wasnt fastfood, it was a
nice cafe, not sandwiches but meals.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Really India?

You cant compete with a team that lost to New

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brilliant Century by David Warner, BUT...

Yeppers, reel it  back in Aussie cricket commentators.

Yes it was a great century, yes it was the fourth fastest,
but some of the commentary last night, and some of the
articles  written, would have you thinking that this was the
greatest feat in the history of mankind.

It wasn't.

He scored a fast century against a weak bowling attack,
that's it.

He didn't cure cancer or Aids, he didn't bring world peace,
judging by comments today on the internet, he did though.

For the Aussie commentators to perform like they did
last night was beyond belief, I mean saying "Warner is
showing us that you can score, 300, 400 or 500 runs,
hes changing test cricket, hes a legend, no one has
done what he  has done."

BTW hes on 104.

For writers to write, that he's totally in the heads of India,
 and knows more  about cricket than any other India player and that
the game was won, when he first walked out to bat, because India
knew they were defeated because of the mind games by
Warner, is crazy.

Every shot Warner did, the commentators were gasping with
delight, like no one had ever played a cover drive before.

I personally felt embarrassed for Journalism.

Yes David Warner it was an amazing innings, but did
it change test cricket to score a century against a
weak bowling attack who dont play well away???

Of course it didn't.

Someone needs to tell Tony Greig though.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Office: "Trivia" Review 8:11

A nice start to the year, not the funniest episode of
the season so far, but it wasn't all about Jim, which
is a good start, in fact Jim had no role to play really.

The plot revolved around the Office going to a trivia
night at a gay bar Oscar goes to, to try and win
a 1000 dollars so they can buy paper to meet,
Robert California's benchmark.

Of course they split up the teams, in the so called
smart team their is Jim, Andy, Darryl  Ryan, the throw away
team was Creed, Stanley, Phyllis and Pam replacement
and the dumb team made up of Erin, Kevin, Meredith and
Kelly. Oscar was with his friends on a separate team.

Of course it was Kevin who won it for his team!!! A nice

The side story was Robert California not wanting to
in interview Dwight for a management position, so
Gabe has to do the interview, that story line didn't

A few good one liners, not a classic episode, but
not a bad one, all in all, a good solid effort.

Seven out of ten.

Modern Family Review: "Egg Drop" 3:12

Best Episode of the season so far, and another ten out
of ten. What can one say.

I never saw it coming, I had no idea that Manny and Luke
were playing Jay and Claire against each other so they
would do their school projects for them, a normal sitcom
wouldn't have had that storyline, and would of just focus
on the main rivalry, but this is what makes Modern Family
so special.

Other highlights had to be Phil shouting into the microphone
during his seminar, when he was suppose to be whispering
into the phone, and of course Cam's reaction to being told
he is not a good singer, was priceless.

The episode worked because each character got to show
a side of their personality, heres hoping they will continue
to do this in latter episodes

As usual a Modern Family episode gets ten out of ten.

Best thing on television.

Get off the F***** Pitch

If Australia was playing a test overseas and this happened
the night before the test, they would refuse to play.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey Air New Zealand

Instead of spending Millions on painting an airplane,
in trying to promote a sports team that the world has never
heard of, how about cheaper flights.

It's Summer Time

In NewZealand anyway.

Don't Normally like covers

But this is pretty cool.

If I was Ricky Gervais

I would go postal at the Golden Globes, I don't
mean he should take a gun and shoot the place up,
I mean he should rip into the big guns, like they
have never been ripped into before.

Forget about alcohol jokes for Gibson or drug
jokes for Sheen or jokes about being a cu*t for
Clooney and Bale here is what he should do...

He should have a blown up police photo of the woman
that Charlie Sheen abused, it should show her bruises,
her fear, her sadness, in what this creep did to her.

He should then show pictures from world war two, with
a big pic of Mel Gibson or his dad, denying it ever happened,
wont that be a scream, wont it.

Or maybe just maybe, show a picture of George Clooney
giving his fellow actors a lecture on how much everybody
on the planet sucks except him.

Finally he should bring a battered and bruise mother on
the stage, (Christan Bale's mother) and let the world
see what  a jerkoff he really is, despite being able to
read lines on a piece on paper in front of a camera.

Will he do this, time will tell.

If I was on 90K a year

You know if I was earning over $90K a year, I
wouldn't complain about having to work a full
week or being on call, still there are other issues,
like maybe someone from a Union threatening
to assault bloggers.

Only a real peice of human waste would do that, a scab

Andrew Saville and Other NZ Journos

Hey Andrew Saville, Craig Stanaway, Jack Tame,
Brendan Telfer, Phil Gifford, Joesph Romanos, could
you please do me a favour and shut the fu*k up about
fu*kin Rugby for two seconds.

Yes, I know it's our national sport, and I know last
year was the world cup, but why oh do you have to knock
other sports in 2012.

Do you think it makes your insignificant minority sport
outside our country look better when you have a go
at other codes???

Why do you have to contuine to tell the public, that
all these other sporting teams arent as courageous or
as athletic  as the mighty mother fu*kin All Blacks.

You are aware that all over the world people are
just as passionate about their teams and sports, but
you guys think its some kind of major crime, hell
that hatred you guys show to other sports is sick.

So here is a plea, drop the hate, during Olympics
please dont criticize, please dont ask the overseas
sport people, what do they think of our might rugby
players, because guess what they havent heard of

Show Bolt, Show Lebron James, show Phelps the
respect they deserve, but I dont think you will, I
don't think you will have the integrity  as Journos
to do this.

You will mock any other sport star that is loved
globally, (just because you think it takes away from
the unknown Dan Carter) you will ask pathetic questions
to the Russians and the Chinese, like "What do you
think of the All Blacks?"

You will laugh and snigger at everybody there, because
in your sick ugly little minds, no one is worthy of
praise, unless they play Rugby.

Well how about giving it as rest, and report on the sports
that the world cares about and not a sport where the players
are only known in a  handful of countries and the world doesnt
give a sh*t about.

Time will tell.

NFL having it's best season

While the NBA is off to a shaky start,
the NFL is powering ahead with it's
playoffs, Tim Tebow mania is in full
swing, the Packer fans are going
crazy, and this is the most exciting
season for decades.

Who's going to win? Well you cant really tell,
no one knows, that is the beauty of the NFL,
most other sports, you know who's going to
win, but the thing with the NFL you don't,
you have no idea, heck even the Cardinals
made the NFL a few years back.

So on and onwards, with this season.

The playoffs are here, and the world is watching,
thank you America for providing the planet with
great theater.

Trade me Tattoo

I know nothing about Tattoo's, no idea
why people will get them, and why they
go through pain to have them. Apparently
it's a personal thing/cultural thing/religious thing/
drunk thing.

Tina Beznec aged 23, says she is doing it for charity
and some extra money for herself,  she has started a trade
 me auction and will get a tattoo on her ass, and the highest
 bidder can decided what the tattoo will be, the bid is up to

Who the heck will bid in this? would they get off on it?,
 what say the highest bidder wants her to get a Tattoo
 of  Don Knotts giving a reach around to Tom Bosley?

I'm guessing she will make a mint for chairty and a
bit for herself.

(Update, I have been informed that she is employed 
and will go through with it, thus I have altered this
post, I have also been informed that she is one heck
of a lady, so the best of luck to her)

NBA Low scores

Not the greatest way to start a strike infested season,
maybe it is because of the tight schedule, maybe three
games in three days is too much, maybe the defensive
patterns are getting better. but these low scores are

There is higher scoring in International basketball at the
moment, and I think there maybe a shift coming up
in tv viewers.

I mean nine points a quater for a team is now  a regular.
occurrence, some teams are struggling to get 75 points
a game, its just so frustrating to watch players miss
easy shots, surly this is now a concern to the NBA,
who is going to tune in to see the Heat win 82-61
or the Mavs win  79-64, I mean there was one game
when a team just got six points in a entire quater.

I mean seriously guys, something is wrong here.

Heres hoping they get it sorted out, quick.

Time will tell.

Hey Reality TV, heres your star

Hey reality TV, here is your star, here is your number one
guy, he's all that, hes the situation, in 20 or so years since
reality TV took off, with the UK's version of Big Brother,
it's evolved into Mike Sorrentino, 20 years of evolution for
this piece of shit.

He has millions of fans, then so do the ladies who bet up
a supermarket worker, hes on all the shows, people
clap like trained circus seals, every time he opens his
mouth, and of course thousands of lines are written
about his ab's, but what has he achieved?

Zero, nothing, zilch.

I'm also guessing this guy is no long term financial planner.

So when his looks go, when another TV show about a bunch
of rich Cu*ts acting like Pr*ks take off, Mike Sorrentino will
probably be on some local basic cable station selling vacuum
cleaners, paying off some cheap nasty drug habit.

Cool, Huh.

Mitt Romney The GOP's John Kerry

Meet the GOP's version of John Kerry.

He's proud, he's white, he preys to baby Jesus at night, he
cares about you, and he cant win.

Just look at the photo, God I'm hard already, I mean look
at him, dont ya just want him, but if you do, you will be
wanting a loser.

Let's get one thing straight, he's a politician, he cares about
his donors, he cares about himself,  he doesn't care about the
little people and President Obama will bitch slap him in the debates,
and Fox News will cry "Liberal Media" when he loses.

He could actually win the election if he did one thing, but
no politician will do this, if he comes out against bigotry,
if he comes out and says, "The reason I'm against Obama
care, is because I am paid millions by people to stop it,
I dont give a fuck about you, i care about me"

He will win, because he is being honest, but no, he will shake
hands, kiss babies, tell old people that he cares, mention God
about a thousand times, and he will get their votes, but
not enough to win.

He's boring, he's Kerry and Gore rolled into one, and his
ideas, well he has now, except to suck up to his donors.

President Obama to win in a landslide.

India Set to Crush Australia

I mean really Australia, never in the history
of cricket or sport for that matter, has there
even been a country more thin-skinned, more
with a sense of entitlement, than the Aussies.

The Australian cricket team feels they have the
right to sledge, be abusive, scream, yell, make
smart ass comments, treat other countries like
Sh*t, (but like other bullies in society) if someone
dares do they same to them, they shrug their little
shoulders, and cry out "You cant do that"

Well Im afraid Ponting and Clarke, watch out,
because Tendulkar is set to make cricket
history, and you wont have your umpires or
Billy "The Aussie" Bowen to save you.

India has been the premier team of the past
15 years, and you guys are in for a world of
hurt, they are class all the way, something you
have always lacked. So lets hear it for India,
they about to make cricket history, and stun
Australia and just maybe , Clarke will have to
give credit where credit is due.

I anit holding my breath though.