Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts and Wishes to Hillary Clinton

Thoughts and wishes to Hillary Clinton, here's
hopping she makes a full recovery.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indian Rape Victim Dies

How can humans be so cruel? How can someone be
raped so bad that their internal organs get damaged,
India is outraged and the world should be outraged,
just when you think the human race cant get any lower
this terrible awful crime happens.

This poor lady has now passed away due to her injuries.

Thoughts and wishes to her family.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

RIP Tony Greig

A sad day for cricket. Tony Greig has passed
on, he was aged 66, he died from Lung cancer.

Watching cricket will never be the same again.


Alanah Eriksen late runner for Worst Jounro

Is Alanah Eriksen a late runner for worst
Jounro of the year.

She recently did an article on Universities
giving out Honorary degrees and how
much these costs.

She listed the great Peter Snell as someone
who has received one of these at cost to
the University. He got one from Massey.

What she has failed to do is explain to her
readers the degrees that Peter Snell earned.

 He gained a B.S. in Human Performance from the University of
California, Davis, and then a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology
 from Washington State University. He joined University
 of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas as
 a research fellow in 1981. He is Associate Professor,
 Department of Internal Medicine and also Director
of their Human Performance Center. A member
of the American College of Sports Medicine, Snell
was honoured in 1999 as an Inaugural Inductee,
 International Scholar, into the Athlete Hall of Fame,
University of Rhode Island.

Why would she leave this out?

Peter Snell is one of the most respected men in his
field on the globe.

Yet Alanah tried to make out, that he only has  a

Disgraceful journalism.

Here's hoping our Journos will try better in 2013.

I anit holding my breath.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hobbit Earns Half a Billion dollars

Wow, oh wow, oh wow.

The Hobbit has earned $500 Million in just
13 days at the international box office.

An amazing feat and a triumph for Peter

The doubters can hang their heads in shame.

Roll on One Billion.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scott Neitlich NOT answering the ACTUAL Questions

I've  put a couple of questions and suggestions to Mattel's
Brand Manager Scott Neitlich, A.K.A toyguru.

His answers at Matty Collector's forums have been at
best ambiguous, and at times it seems he's not really
reading the questions.

Yes as he points out at the fourms, he does this on his
own time, so I guess people should be thankful for that.

But to not directly answer a question, is a bit off putting,
I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and it
must be doing his head in, all these questions about the
prop/replica/toy Hoverboard form a ton of people.

But here is the deal, I put to him just the suggestion as
a bit of fun, will Mattel in the future try to create a
Skating Rink in a controlled environment where
Hoverboards will actually work!

He just wrote a generic reply about how  there are no
plans for additional Hoverboards.

Which  of course isNOT what I asked, I repeated
the question several times, but didn't get a straight

This to me is taking the Mickey out of the customer, and
is disappointing.

Anyway I thought the user KOWL had a great idea, teaming
with Universal Studios to do the skating rink at one of their
theme parks.

I dont think this will happen, I just wish Scott Neitlich would
at least acknowledge the suggestion, he can laugh it off, but
at least give an answer to the ACTUAL question asked.

Or perhaps I'm too harsh?

Anyway, still counting down the days to 2015.

It seems along way, away now, just like it was in 1989.

Who knows?

Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas

And  a happy new year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rosie Manins Decides NOT to be a Journalist

Once again a major Journalist in New Zealand,
decides not to do her job, but to be a apologist
for The Labour party and the Unions.

Her lack of truth in her article for the Otago daily
Times was disgusting.

Again it's innocent members of the public that
will continue to be bullied because of her
lack of integrity and MP's such as Clare Curran.

Here's hoping 2013 will be different.

I anit holding my breath.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jacob Oram Retires

Best news New Zealand cricket has has
in years, one of the most selfish, injury prone,
lazy and I mean lazy players has retired from
international cricket.

Now someone decent may be offered a contract.

Time will tell.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tate Stevens Wins X Factor USA

Congrats to Tate Stevens for winning X Factor USA.

The 37 year old wanna be country singer is now a
country singer with a $5 million dollar contract.

Well done to him, he deserves it, here's hoping his
album will be a huge success.

I'm also sure Carly will have a huge success.

Well done to both artists.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did the NZRFU have a hand in Sparc Funding

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this one,
I tend to believe.

It's not beyond reality to think that the NZRFU would
have a quiet word with Sparc about what sports they
will fund.

Now Im not saying they did this to boost their own funding,
but it would be in their best interests if a sport that they
deem to be in competition with rugby, doesn't get any

That sport is Basketball.

It doesn't hurt the NZRFU if Equestrian gets millions,
because that is not going to effect them, but Basketball
getting a boost, would hurt Rugby, so the NZRFU would
like to see that sport suffer.

So was there back room deals?? The NZRFU already has
had secret meetings with TVNZ  (according to one Journo)
about how they cover other sports, which are in competition
with Rugby, so why not have a word with Sparc?

Stranger things have happened.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Con Artist Blair Robertson goes to far

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

Psychic con aritst Blair Robertson has gone to

This jerk is now trying to make money off, saying
he predicted the Sandy Hook massacre.

It's one thing to con people and pretend your
talking to their dead relatives or pretend your
predicting natural disasters, but to use the death
of these children and adults to further your career
is repugnant.

There should be a law to stop people like Blair

I anit holding my breath though.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teach Your Children Well

Sparc Screws Basketball again

Once again, Sparc has screwed New Zealand

They have just announced which sports they
will fund for the next four years and Basketball
didn't get a cent.

Equestrian, Rugby Sevens, and Field Hockey
got millions though.

But a sport that is so hugely popular internationally,
didnt get a cent.

How is New Zealand suppose to compete?

It's easy to win at sports, the rest of the world,
dont care about, hard to win at a big global sport.

Too bad the morons at Sparc, cant figure that out.

The Hypocrisy of The Standard

The reason why I started this blog in 2008,
was summed up today, by the far left NewZealand
website, "The Standard"

They are the very meaning of hypocrisy.

For the past few days after the tragic event in Newtown,
CT, these so called caring left wing people, ripped into
the USA and didn't give any sympathy to the victims, instead
they felt the need to bring up Iraq and Gaza, and ask what
about sympathy for these victims??

Which is highly insensitive, cruel and somewhat repugnant.

Now Fiji is about to be hit by a cyclone, and the same posters
whop failed to give a hoot about the children murdered in the
USA, are posting thoughts and wishes to the people of Fiji,
saying we need to help them, even though Fiji has their
military in Iraq, like the USA.

There was no bringing up war when talking about
the disaster in Fiji, no bringing up the military government
there, and what they have done, they just bought up the

This anti USA bullshit has to stop in New Zealand.

The left wingers in New Zealand are so hypocritical, they
talk of love and peace and helping your fellow man, but
lets face it, they are only about helping your fellow man,
if their fellow man is against capitalism and the USA.

What happened over at the standard the past few days
was disgraceful, not only disgraceful in terms of political
blogging, but disgraceful in terms if the standards of human
decency, they were quite sick if you ask me.

The posters there are on the same level as Westbro Church,
they just have a different agenda.

It's a agenda we don't need in New Zealand.

Its a agenda the human race doesn't need.

Let me make it clear, what they should've written about the
massacre in Newtown is "Our thoughts and wishes go out
to the victims and their families"

and not the pure hatred that they wrote.

I guess their are just some ugly people in the world,
what makes them worse is the hypocritical/self-righteous
of these people.

They're New Zealand's shame of the internet.

One day they may grow an actual heart.

But I'm anit holding my breath.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Homeland Review: "The Choice"

On the road again, Brody has gone on the road again,
he cant wait to clear his name again.

What a season finale, I'm finally turning into a, hey Brody
is actually innocent person.

Many highlights of tonight's finale for season two.

Quinn's line, "Im the guy that kills bad guys" was classic.

Saul's "Your the dumbest and smartest fuckin person I know"
was also brilliant.

To recap, massive terrorist attack at Walden's funeral, the bomb
was in Brody's car, everybody thinks he's a terrorist.

Carrie was going to send the rest of her life with him, but she
has now helped him get to Canada, while she stays behind in
the USA to clear his name.

Which will be hard, because even his kids believes he did,
after the bad guys released that video he did.

So where are we?? Well Brody is on the run and only Saul
and Carrie believe he is innocent. Well maybe Saul does, and
then there's also Quinn.

A brilliant final episode for season two, did not expect the attack.

I only have one thing left to say...

Roll on season 3!!!

The Hobbit $222 Million World Wide in five days

Can you believe it?

This is beyond any expectations. to take nearly
a quarter of a billion dollars in five days, blows
the mind.

Well done to all, involved in the Hobbit.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too Sad

What can one say, when evil happens, the first thing
you do, that any decent person can do, is think of the
victims first, think of the victims families, the people
in the community that are touched by this awful event.

Support is the key word, make sure the ones that are
left behind are supported, make sure the ones that
passed on, will always be remembered, don't politicize
the event.

You can ask why it happened and try to stop it
from happening again.

The main thing is to LOVE and SUPPORT, and
not HATE.

Stay Strong Connecticut.

Thoughts and Wishes to the people of Connecticut

Thoughts and wishes to the people of Connecticut, what
can one say about this tragic event. As someone who has
family in CT, including younger relatives, this is an awful day.

Here's hoping there is not a day like this again in CT or

Friday, December 14, 2012


(For the Non New Zealanders reading this, PAKEHA
means white person)

Racism has aired it's ugly head, but not from the people
you would expect it from.

Over the past couple of weeks, thru the internet blogs,
and facebook and of course Twitter, there have been
some quite ugly racist comments in the form of the
commentators calling other races, well racist.

Lets start with the Maori dance troupe, JGeeks, they recently
got fourth on New Zealand's got talent.

Brilliantly talented, fun, entertaining and they seem like
all round nice guys, pity same cant be said about their fanbase.

The JGeeks fan based exploded in anger, some of the
comments were....

"Typical racist pakhea's, not voting for Maori"
"What is this rigged?, tvnz didnt want the Maori to win"
"Won't buy Clara's new album the little Pakeha b****"

The fans of the other contestants, didnt seem to mind,
but the Jgeeks fans were furious.

There's a debate that says if your part of a minority
you cant be racist, that only people who are
party of a majority and in a position of power
can be racist.

I don't buy that for a second.

Isn't being a racist, means you are judging someone
by their race?

It would seem there are a few racists on facebook,
and I think their racism goes deeper than a talent

Here's hoping one, no one will be judge or judged by

I anit holding my breath though.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cedric Jackson to NBA?

CBS's NBA analyst Ken Berger, may just
be right, if the LA Lakers were thinking
about Cedric Jackson before, well they're
going to be thinking  a lot harder after
tonights performance for the New Zealand

Jackson got 32 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds
and three steals as the Breakers slaughtered
Cairns 97-76.

Although it would be a big loss for the Breakers
if Jackson leaves, all Breakers fans will wish him.

Heres hoping he make the Lakers.

Time will tell.

Modern Family Review: Diamond in the Rough

Another Homer Run for Modern Family.


This week's episode revolved around Cam and
Claire wanting wanting to go in and buy a house and
flip it, while Mitch and Phil were against it, and Phil
let Mitch be the bad guy.

Side storylines was Manny and Luke's baseball team
in the playoffs, and Gloria singing badly to her unborn

I like the way the txt's between Phil and Mitch  were
actually group txt's that everybody received.

I also like the way, Mitch and Phil blackmailed
each other.

As always with Modern Family, they got it sorted out,
they got the house, Manny got hit with a baseball, thus
giving his team the win, and Jay got into the groove of
talking to his unborn baby.

The best lines were...

Claire: Ive made choclate chip pancakes
hayley: im not 12
Phil: dibs on hers.

Luke: will you chock up a little
Manny: probably when they play the national anthem

Jay: Papa will buy ten diamond rings to get the mocking bird to
shut the hell up

Cam: I picked blue to match your eyes,  i shouldve pick
black to match your heart, although you look good in black,
Love you.

Jay: I will talk to you in the morning. (talking to his unborn
baby, while Gloria was asleep)

Steven Crowder Edits Video

(If anyone has the link to the unedited video, I
think Huffingtonpost may of had it, please post it
on youtube, the public has the right to know)

Things are looking worse and worse for Steven Crowder.

On his youtube and twitter page he continues to show an
EDITED video of what happened. Fox news also shows
this EDITED video.

The UNEDITED video shows Steven Crowder being very
intimidating, very aggressive with  his body language.

The UNEDITED video which has now been EDITED shows
him screaming his lungs out at the Union guys, it was looking
like he ready to punch them.

If I was the police, I would be looking very very seriously into
charging him with attempt to cause a riot.

Steven Crowder has got what he wants, public sympathy, a
lot of airtime on Fox News pushing an antiunion and anti left
cause, and he has made himself out to be a victim.

He's not a victim, he's the worst type of bully, the kind of
guy who would goad another people into a violent act, and
then say "what did I do?" worst off, he's an unethical journalist.

He should be ashamed, but he thinks he's some sort of hero.

Here's hoping the public will find out the truth.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scott Neitlich Answers Questions

(Update, let me add Scott has taken some grief by
customers at matty collector, but he's always been
polite to my questions)

Scott Neiltich has answered the questions that people
wanted answered.

The question was...

"If they could make a board 23 years ago with a lenticular surface,
how come Mattel couldn't do one in 2012?

His Answer.

"Because the boards made "23 years ago" were expensive
hand made props. The 2012 mass produced manufactured
toy needed to come in at 120.

Adding a lenticular would have skyrocketed the price. Lenticulars
are large extremely expensive. We did look into it and could
not find a way to make it work and still deliver an affordable

Making this comparison is honestly not fair. You are comparing
a hand made film prop with a high budget to a mass produced
toy for 120/130. It is not apples to apples at all."

So there ya have it, fans of the Hoverboard were getting
confuse with a prop replica with a hand made film prop.

We will know next time.

Scott Neiltich also said the Hoverboard was a success and
a near sellout, but it appears there wont be a year two, and
it will be a one off.

So Hoverboard fans, we still have some Time to wait
to get a real hand made film prop that is the Hoverboard.

It would appear an even longer wait FOR A REAL

Time will tell.

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder need to ask himself two question,

"Why did I become a Journalist?"

Then secondly..

"Why did I decide NOT to be a Journalist?"

For those that are interested, Steven Crowder is the
Fox News Jounro, who got punched at a Union rally
in Michigan.

The Union was protesting the anti Union bill, that got passed,
that was strangely titled "Right to work"

Instead of asking the Union guys in calm, clear manner, why
are they against this bill, he yelled at them, stood over them
and was really really aggressive, he ended up being punched.

Now those that read this blog, know I wouldn't join a union
myself, but believe everybody has the right to join a union.

I also don't believe in violence, but I have zero sympathy for
Steven Crowder, he seems to be a bully that would
 verbally aggressive, just waiting for a reaction like this.

He has chosen to do pieces for Fox news and their
billionaire backers, and this is the result.

His supporters will cheer him along the way.

I anit one of them.

Thoughts and Wishes to the people of Oregon

Thoughts and wishes to the people of Oregon on
this tragic day.

Bob Gales Releases another Letter

This time, he added the above photo. Bob Gale was
very kind to Mattel, which will please Scott Neitlich.

He basically stated, that many Hoverboards were used,
and it shouldn't really matter if the colors may of been
slightly different.

He said he had no problem with the basic design and

He went on to explain, how they shot certain boards for
the movie, and why they did so.

I doubt if this is going to appease Back to the future fans,
or if Bob was asked by Mattel to do this.

Design and colors didn't seem to be the big issue for fans,
and, Bob Gale in his first letter, explained what the issues

His second piece can be read at

Personally I'm just waiting for Scott Neitlich to comment.

Here's hoping he will shed some more light on why Mattel
got it so wrong.

Breaking News: Matty Collector Deletes Customer Questions

Following Bob Gale's letter to the media, Mattel's
collector  site "Matty Collector" has seen an influx
of questions to their forums, the forum was set up
by Mattel to answer customer's enquires.

The person that is charged with doing this is none
other than Scott Neitlich. A.K.A toyguru.

Well the one question the fans want answered is
being deleted, not sure if its a legal issue or they
just think it looks bad for Mattel, but its the one
question that people want answered.

The questions is...

If they could make a hoverboard with a Lenticular
surface  23 years ago, how come Mattel couldn't do the
same in 2012.

Time will tell, if they ever answer this question.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bob Gale Unhappy With Mattel's Hoverboard


Double Wow.

Triple Wow.

Did not expect this at all.

Bob Gale has came out and
criticize Mattel's Prop Replica

In a piece he wrote, he stated, he was disappointed
with the stand, disappointed with the sound
and glide feature.

He also said it's okay to throw eggs at him, of
course he was joking.

He stated if it was half the price he would love it,
but it wasn't.

He went on to say, he contacted Scott Neitlich to
tell him he was going public with it,and Scott was
very professional explaining the issues.

Of course the big issue was the lack of a Lenticular
surface on the board. Mattel used stickers.

He bought up a point, that I also cant get my head around.

Basically Bob Gale's point was...

If 23 years ago we could produced a board with a Lenticular
surface, how the heck couldn't Mattel produce one in 2012 and
why didn't they contact him  again.

Bob Gale's letter to the public can be read at

I sincerely hope that Scott Neitlich and Mattel will release
a public statement.

This Blog is just my Opinion

This blog is just my opinion.

It's my thoughts on various subjects.

I've been writing this blog for nearly
five years. I started it because I saw
a hypocrisy with the media, and like
all humans wanted to get my say out

This blog is also just done for fun, it
doesn't make money, it's well a hobby.

As someone who blogs I go to other blogs
and I get inspiration for my posts.

Some bloggers can get quite aggressive, and
a lot of name calling happens.  So let me state
just one thing again.

This blog is just my opinion on various subjects,
if you feel I have made a statement of fact, that's
factually incorrect, comment here, and I will remove
the piece.

Nothing is meant to be stated as fact here,
it's just my own thoughts and ideas.

Again, it's just my opinion, and I'm not
stating anything as FACT.

I will remove any piece that you may deem
to be defamation of character.

I have also post at other blogs in the "comments"
section, if you feel I have stated something as
FACT and not OPINION, I will withdraw that

Hope this clears things up.

Kiss My Country Ass

The Standard has no Standards

(Update 2: Yes as pointed out 
by a delightful fella, the post I found
was not the one where the poster said
F off, but the one where the poster
said P off, I got my swear word wrong)

(Update: over a 15 hour period I
got verbally attacked and called a
liar for pointing out that a blogger 
from another blog had told people to P off in the comment
section of her blog. The writers said
I was making it up, well I found one of the
offending post, and posted it at the standard,
did they have integrity  to say sorry, of course
not, they just continued along their merry way,
I cannot respect any adult who doesn't have the
courage to admit that they're wrong, these
guys will make perfect Labour party politicians)

The far left blog, the Standard is trying
every little trick in  the book to hurt The

For some bizarre reason, they think
if this movie is not as successful as
people had hope, then it will look
real bad on New Zealand Prime Minister,
John Key, and will be a victory for the Unions.

My word of advice to them is...


If it's successful critically, and commercially
it will be because of the hard work and passion
of all those that were in it and involved in it.

I for one, hope it does well, it looks visually beautiful,
and has a great cast, and for three hours you can get
taken to the world of Tolkien as imagined by the great,
Sir Peter Jackson.

Cant wait to see it, and I hope people, regardless of
their political ideology will go see it, because this
movie deserves to be seen.

As for the members of The Standard,  well perhaps
one day you can get your imagination and youth back.

I anit holding my breath though.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Homeland Review: "In Memoriam"

(update, it would appear several bloggers
including myself fell for a prank on wiki,
the title of last nights episode was not,
The mf with a turban, I guess further 
research would've shown this, I will
know next time, and I'm glad, I'm
not the only blogger that fell for it)

Ding Dong Abu Nazir is dead, the
wicked old Abu, the wicked old
Abu, ding dong, Abu is dead.

Guess who got killed off in the latest
episode of Homeland.

Yes, Abu Nazir.

The episode was titled, "The Motherfucker
with a Turban"

Probably the first time those words have been
used for a title of a episode of a show.

Abu Nazir killed himself, when caught by
the military team.

So what did that mean for Brody, Carrie and
Brody's family.

Well they think its all over.

Brody has gone to be with Carrie, Jessica can
be with Diego, and of course Roya is up to
no good.

I do not believe Brody will be taken out, to
clean things up for the CIA, I believe Saul
will save the day.

Roll on the next episode.

I cant wait.

Man taking picture

Okay I was watching the news, then was about to
go, outside to check on my dog.

There was a guy standing in the middle of the road,
directly facing my driveway, taking a picture of my dog.

He then moved to the footpath, outside my gate and
took another picture of my dog.

He then just walked out.

Strange and weird, and a bit concerning.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

100000 Hits!


It only took me four years and 11 months to achieve
100 thousand hits.

Roll on the next 100 thousand.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Disgusting Violent Protesters

Once again the left wing protest movement proved how
violent and disgusting they're are.

Two police officers got assaulted, one female officer
was repeatedly kicked in  the head, by a female

The usual suspects were involved in this ugly protest,
Green party MP Catherine Delahunty, activist John
Minto, the other 148 protestors were from the usual
Socialist/communist parties and various anti Israel and
various union groups.

Jane Kelsey who (organized the protest)
like most socialists  tried to blame the police.

The protest was against free trade, and as usual, they
tried to burn the American flag.

Well here is a message to all those protestors who

You guys aren't the 99%, you guys arent even the 1%
your a handful of people who have an ideology that
99.9% of kiwis DISAGREE with.

How dare you, try to dictate to the country, how this
country should be run, and how dare you be violent
towards the police and members of the public.


Heres hoping justice will be done, and the people
who attacked the police will be bought to justice.

I anit holding my breath though.

Scott Neitlich and Hoverboard Thoughts

Well people have got their hoverboards arriving in the
mail, this week, and a long long year of hard work for
Scott Neitlich has come to the end.

The results and feedback from the fans?


First off, I went to youtube and saw a couple of videos
people have made reviewing the final product.

Let me say, the most positive aspect of the Hoverboard, is
that it glides real real well across carpet from what I saw.

It does give somewhat of an illusion that it's hovering, above
the ground (although of course it isn't.

Secondly from a distance, it looks exactly like the hoverboard
Marty used in the movie.

The negative, close up, you figure out that it's stickers, and the
noises although lifted from the movie, doesn't sound like they
were from the movie.

So there is good and bad and I'm just
 judging, by what Ive seen on youtube.

My words of advice for Scott Neitlich would be, the
advertising earlier on in the year, probably promised more
than it delivered.

Maybe if you do a year two,  you can shock some fans by
going to that french artist and seeing how you can create
a stand and use lasers and magnets to get this thing to
Hover in a display format.

That would be awesome.

But, even in that format, your not even close so far,
still nice glide feature.

Looking forward to year two, if there is one.

Time will tell.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Office Review: Dwight Christmas


The office last xmas special disappointed big time.

Over nine years, they have told the same story.

We get it.

Dwight is an idiot, a big big idiot.

Jim is a lovely guy, he is so so nice.

Ya don't have to keep showing us this.

Harry Silcock avoids Jail

(Update, the Police are now saying he wasnt
racing, or even speeding, he was overtaking
on a double yellow line)

Harry Silcock is the boyracer that illegally
took part in a drag race on a public road,
hit someone, killed them and drove off.

Judge Jane Farish said Jail wont help, so
she gave him community service.

Judge Jane Farish has to be go.

She should be fired.

How dare she, let this piece of murdering
crap go free.

He belongs his jail, what sort of message is this
to the idiots on our road.

You can drag race, you can kill someone, you can drive
off, but hey you wont go to jail, because you might not
like it, you will just have home detention  and community

This is a disgrace, Harry Wilcock is a disgrace, Judge
Jane Farish is a disgrace.

Shame on our court system.

A bad day for the New Zealand justice system.

Ryder Retweets

(Update, Ryder has now said, he only
retweeted the tweet, because he thought
it was funny, he doesn't believe the decision
by nzcricket is based on race, so it's best to
ignore this post)

Jesse Ryder believes his treatment and the
treatment of Ross taylor is based on race.

He is basically calling NZC racist.

On twitter a poster, posted the following..

Why is New Zealand Cricket pushing out our Maori and
Pacific Island cricketers with Jesse and now Ross? #OldWhiteBoysClub

Jesse Ryder retweeted this tweet.

He has now deleted the retweet.

Jesse Ryder must believe New Zealand cricket is racist, if he
agrees with this tweet.

He has on twitter said, the public has no idea, what's going
on in New Zealand cricket and one day he will write
a book.

This is where New Zealand needs good Journalists, who
will get to the bottom of the story.

Unfortunately we dont have good Journos.

Here's hoping this mess will sort itself out.

I anit holding my breath.

Ross Taylor Quits

New Zealand cricket captain Ross Taylor  has quit the Blackcaps.

The official statement from New Zealand cricket is
saying, Ross Taylor is taking taking a break and Ross
Taylor is walking away.

Make no mistake this is Ross Taylor quitting.

They;re saying he wont be available for the South
African tour, but believe me, he wont be available
for the home series either.

It's a safe bet to say, that he wont be back in the
Blackcaps until Mike Hesson is gone.

New Captain, Brendon McCullum will captain
all three forms of the game.

Here's hoping the Blackcaps can start winning

Time will tell.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breaking: "Jesse Ryder's career is Over"

Jesse Ryder's career is over, less than
and hour ago, he tweeted...

"Angers me watching @RossTaylor getting
dumped on. Show him some fucking support

That's it for Ryder, if the media has enough balls
to report on this tweet, that's it for Ryder, he's
turned this somewhat scandal into a big story,
by bad mouthing his employers in public, he will
never play for New Zealand again.

Ross Taylor Standing his Ground

Hey Taylor, you can take the high road all you like,
the problem is when you captain your said to only ONE
test win in the past 12 months, you have to go.

When your a captain of a side that doesn't respect the
coach, you have to go.

Sport is about winning, consistently, something you have
failed to to do.

Time to hand over the captaincy, I'm afraid.

Here's hoping you will do the right thing.

Time will tell.

Monday, December 3, 2012

JGeeks and TVNZ should be up for Fraud?

I don't follow pop culture, and it would seem this
was kept very very quiet by TVNZ and the boy group

Recently New Zealand just had our version of New Zealand's
got talent, it was billed as people who were unknown getting
their break in the industry.

The winner was Clara Van Wel, she deserved it, the pint
size singer/songwriter had New Zealand in tears with her
beautiful song.

In fourth place was Jgeeks, a boy band come dance group,
come comedians.

Throughout the series they were billed as unknowns.

But that couldnt be further from the truth.

In the past three years, according to "throng"
they have received nearly $40 thousand dollars
in funding from NZ on air, they've had a youtube
video with five million hits, they have been in talks
with tv3 for 18 months for a show, and have numerous
appearances thruout the country.

Yet the  general public wasn't told this, their fanbase
obviously knew.

The contract for the contestants clearly stated, they
had to let the producers know if they had any
previous funding, I'm guessing they did, but TVNZ
turned a blind eye.

I wasn't going to do this post, but after all the racist
hatred the fans of Jgeeks did towards, Clara on
facebook and twitter, I thought it would be best
to get the truth out there.

Here's hoping the media will report on this, so
it doesn't happen again.

Time will tell.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Clara Van Wel Wins NZ's got Talent

Congrats to Clara Van Wel for winning New Zealand's
got talent. She deserves it, she is a wonderful songwriter,
a wonderful singer and a wonderful, shy, sweet person
who is genuine and she is only 15 years old.

She beat fellow contestants, Evan and Jesse.

These reality shows can sometimes produce Bizarre
results, with sometimes the best act losing.

Not this time though, Clara was the most consistent,
she bought her A game every night and the crowd
and the judges and the voters of New Zealand
appreciated it.

Here's hoping she has a long and successful career,
as I'm sure she will.

Well done again to young Clara.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Office Review: "The Target"


Best episode of the season, one of the most
serious episodes since season 2, and extremely

The two sub stories were funny, one the office
building a tower out of all the customer complaint
cards, and the other Jim buying Phyllis and Stanley
dinner so they would agree to cover for him, when
he is out of he office on his new business adventure.

The main storyline had heart, Angela wanted Dwight
to hire someone to physically assault the person who
had an affair with her husband (Dwight didnt know it was
Oscar at first) when Dwight found out, he stepped in and
stopped it, and then comforted Angela.

This episode showed  the true feelings these people
have for each other after being co workers for nine
years. With Dwight helping out, Phyllis and Stanley
agreeing to help Jim, and everybody cheering on Pam.

It would appear Erin has a thing for newbie.

Brilliant episode, comedy highlight of it, belongs
to Meredith, with just one word.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Modern Family Review: "When a Tree Falls"

Yet again, Modern Family proves itself, the best comedy
on television, with plenty of huge laughs along the way.

The storyline revolved around, Claire and Gloria shopping,
Jay and Phil taking Many and Luke to a friend's party, Cam and
Mitch trying to save a tree from getting chopped down.

My favorite storyline though was Alex, trying for revenge against
her sister, by taking  a picture of her picking up trash during
her community service.

The picture of Haley's mug shot alone, made watching this
episode worth while.

I do hope they're going to do more with Alex, she a complex
character, who needs to be explored more deeply.

Phil beating up Jay with the oversize boxing gloves  was
another highlight.

Well done for another brilliant episode.


Some lines from tonight.

On one hand, Im upset i have to pick up garabage on
the other, I look cute in orange. (Haley)

Your a kid your not Nixon on the beach (Jay)

 Look I'm  Mexico again, does
 anyone care, I'm not from Mexico (Manny)

We need a birth certificate (Luke)

It will be finest moment ina few years I
 hope to have more friends and not have time for
this stuff. (Alex)

Lets get philyscial (Phil)

I would rather box my daughter husbands than my sons. (Jay)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hobbit

To Robyn Malcolm, Helen Kelly, The Unions and Peta

You made it your mission to try and ruin and stop,
one of the most important events this country has
seen, a big part of this country future depended on this
event, and because of your own ideology you tried to
brainwash the public for your selfish needs.

Guess what, you failed big time, you now have egg all
over your face, (dont worry they're free range, peta)

Aren't New Zealanders lucky that we stood by, what
we believed in, and not what a small amount of socialist bullies
believed in.

A great day.

The Hobbit

Well done Peter Jackson, you have made New Zealand
proud and a lot of money.

Our country owes you a big thank you.

You're a genius, you're at the top of your field, every
kiwi should tip their hat to you, for what you have done.

On December 13th 2012, the world is going to marvel
at the magic you have created at 48 frames per second,
and the world will be transfixed at how beautiful our country

A big thanks to Warner Bros and MGM for giving New
Zealand a chance, as you can see we kiwis love the Hobbit,
Jackson and movies.

Roll on December 13th.

I cant wait.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Angus T Jones

Should be more worried being in a sucky sitcom than
a filthy one. I wonder if he has donated all the money he has 
made from it over the years, to charity or his church? PS: Im not religious or a fan of the show.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peter Snell is Right

In Peter Snell, we have one of the worlds leading
person in the field of Exercise Physiology, too
bad New Zealand has not recognized him for

As for the comments by kiwis to Snell's speech,
well we should be disgusted by our own ignorance.

The media can't wash their hands of this attitude, for too
they have been telling us that "Our sports people need
to go to Colin Meads Farm"

Well thats the last thing they need to do.

Our sports people need to listen to the brilliant brain
of Peter Snell and take note of his achievements in
exercise physiology, that he has advanced.

He is a legend because of this.

Too bad Kiwis just live in the dark ages, cant appreciate
what he has done.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Martin Scorsese to Direct Garth Brooks Music Special

Martin Scorsese is to direct Garth Brooks
in a one man music TV special to be filmed
in Vegas this USA winter.

Garth Brooks will start a new world tour in
June 2014, a month after his youngest 
daughter graduates from High School.

Garth's one man show is truly a unique event,
and with the genius of Martin Scorsese will
surly cement Garth's place in music history.

I cannot wait.