Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sports Predictions for 2012

My sports Prediction for 2012.

1: New Zealand will have it's best Olympics yet, with
some surprises, The Tall Blacks will not only qualify, but
win a Medal, other medal winners will of course be our
rowers, our shot putters, our field hockey players, our
female footballers, and a big upset by young  swimmer,
Sophia Batchelor

2: The Warriors win the NRL, it will be well deserved,
    and will see them treated as heroes, they will beat Manly
    in the final.

3: The Breakers will go back to back in the NBL.

4: Phoenix to make the playoffs , but get soundly beaten.

5: All Whites to have a good year as they build towards the
Confederation cup and the World Cup.

6: South Africa to bring the Blackcaps down to Earth,
but the youngsters to become International stars, Bracewell,
Williams and Boult.

7: NZ Cricket to cause outrage with their contracts by offering
Oram and Mills one, but not Bracewell and Boult.

8: The New Zealand media at the Olympics to embarrass
every Kiwi sports person there and every Kiwi watching, by
asking the International stars and our own New Zealand stars
not questions about their sport, but questions about the All
Blacks and they will also suggest that the All Blacks could
clean up every medal there is.

9: Craig Stanaway, Joesph Romanos, Andrew Saville and
Brendan Telfer to do the above, plus they will add in a
rugby reference to most  non rugby stories and they will criticize any
sport story that comes out of America.

10: The Green Bay Packers to win the Superbowl. The
Celtics to win the NBA, The Bruins to win the NHL and
the Braves to win the world series.

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