Monday, December 26, 2011

People who upload Christchurch Earthquake Videos to youtube

Since the September Earthquake in Christchurch, there have
been literally thousands of video uploaded from people to
youtube, they have set webcams to run 24/7 in their homes
to capture the moment a quake strikes or they have captured
the aftershocks on their cellphones.

Some provided a great historical reference to show what people
went  through during these horrific quakes, others have a voyeuristic
appeal, others show the wide range of emotions and reactions that
we all have, others make ya feel sick, the teens laughing at the fallen
buildings or the jerk who turned the camera to himself
and laughed and said "Nig**** going die"

They are part of capturing the people of chch, one that got
posted just after the aftershock on the 23rd of December
seems to be posted for the wrong reason.

I will not post a link to it, but it seems he set up his webcam
after the 5.8 and caught the one that was 6.0 80 minutes later.

The video consists of him yelling out with no real fear in his
voice "Holy Sh*t, Holy F**K, F**K, Sh*t, Holy F**K"
and then he looked directly into the camera and screamed
F**K with his hands to his face.

Now I know some people  react to fear in this way,
but this was worst acting than Rob Schneider in a
Adam Sandler movie, and IMHO worse than
the videos of the teens making light of the situation.

It seems the poster wanted to have his video go
viral and get on the telly, and he used an aftershock
to do so, heres hoping in 100 years time, youtube somehow
deletes this video and the videos that are left are the
ones with the real reactions to the tragic and awful
year that Christchurch has had.

Time will tell.

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