Sunday, December 25, 2011

Modern Family Review: "Express Christmas"

Well I finally got around to watching the Modern Family
Christmas episode, "Express Christmas".

As usual with this third season it was ten out of ten, it was
funny, it was awkward, it had just the right amount of
sentiment at the end.

What made the episode was the unusual pairings, giving the
actors scenes with people they don't normally act with.

The storyline to the episode was that, the family couldn't be
with any other on Christmas day, so decided to have an
express christmas on the 16th.

Phil was teamed up with Manny to buy the turkey.

Gloria was teamed with Luke to find the an angel in the

Jay was teamed with Cam to wrap presents.

Haley was teamed with Claire to do shopping.

Mitchell was with Alex to find a tree.

The best pairing was Mitchell and Alex,  mainly
because they discover they are so much alike
in personality, it was also kinda sweet that Alex
stood up for her Uncle when she thought he was
a victim of homophobia.

Phil being tasered was some classic physical acting.

In the end it was kinda nice to see Jay having hired a
guy with a snow maker to make it snow for the family and
the hug between Jay and Cam was the right touch to
the show.

Once again Modern family has proved it's the best show
on television at the moment.

Hats off to them!

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