Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to Tabloid Journalism, Mr Duncan Garner

Welcome to Tabloid Journalism, Mr Duncan Garner,
you have chosen your path,  and now it's all downhill
from here.

This election campaign  has been amazing, the left
wing politicians have been making it personal, while
the right wing politicians have been talking policies.

It's been the media though that has a big black eye,
form the covert taping by Bradley Ambrose, formerly
known as Brad White, to TV3's Duncan Garner who
has an opportunity to ask Prime Minister Key some
serious questions on some serious issues, instead
he wanted to know about  the tea pot tapes.

Prime Minister Key told him he wont be answering
questions about that, Duncan Garner asked again,
he told him again, he wont be answering questions
about them, Duncan Garner kept repeatedly asking
the questions, every time Prime Minister was polite
in his answer.

Still Duncan Garner kept asking, until Prime Minister
Key had enough and just walked out.

Hats off to Key for this, the public want to know
about the issues, not what's on a recording advice.

In a couple of weeks, John Key will probably still
be Prime Minister, and Duncan Garner well, will
probably be getting offers from E on Line or
the Sun newspaper.

Lets hope he leaves and takes up their offers.

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