Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love the USA, I love their music and I love their
sport and I love Americans. I think their country has
done more good than harm to Planet Earth.

It's getting increasingly  tiresome to having to explain to
people here in New Zealand why I like America.

I shouldn't have to offer an explantation on why I prefer
Basketball to Rugby, I shouldn't have to feel embarrassed or
explain to a Cd store clerk, why I love country music.

It's my choice, Im kiwi born and bred and I love America,
that should be enough.

Americans living in NewZealand shouldn't have to say sorry
for being American, they shouldn't have to put up with
racial abuse, they shouldn't have to put up with people
stereotyping them.

Americans living here are just as much as part of our
culture as immigrants from Samoa, England, Iran or
anywhere from around the planet.

So lets celebrate our American friends and their culture
as they celebrate our ways also, they are a unique, happy and
very generous people, long may they keep
coming to our country.

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