Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steve Williams is a Racist Idiot

Not all idiots are racists. But all racists are

Former caddie for Tiger Woods, kiwi Steve Williams
made a racial and violent slur at an award dinner for

Steve's career as a caddie is now over and rightly so.
What the heck was he thinking? How can anyone be
so stupid, and how can anyone in the year 2011 be
a racist?

There might be some debate, on what is racist? but
there can be no doubt saying what he said is racist.

What should happen to him?? Well the PGA will
drop him that's for sure, he wont even get a caddie's
job on the European tour, he will loss sponsorship
for his saloon car driving here in New Zealand.

For his own sake, I hope he saved his pennies, because
he's going find it hard to earn some more, after last night.

Long may he stay out of the public eye.

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