Saturday, November 19, 2011

RIP: NZ Journalism (Election Coverage is Sh*t)

I'm calling it.

November 19th 2011, one week out from our General
Election and the most important day of the year, Journalism
in New Zealand has died.

There have been many low points throughout the year, and thru
the decades  for Journalism in this country, but there
has always been hope that it has reached it's low point,
and will bounce back, but now it's died.

What they have done in trying to protect their own,
Bradley White/Ambrose is sickening and goes beyond
anything they have attempted to do before.

To twist what this activist/militant  did (Purposely  and covertly
trying to tape the Prime Minister) is beyond
being repulsive.

To not only try to defend him, but to try and make the
Prime Minister out to be the bad guy and consistently
24/7 for over a week tell the public that they are just
trying to get to the truth, is a shot in the face to real
news reporters.

 The fact that rival outlets are standing
by each other, shows that the New Zealand Journalistic
community have and always will commit Journalistic
rape against the people of New Zealand.

This is it for them, just like with their sporting
counterparts who killed off sporting Journalism
this year, our political reporters have done the same.

Shame on you nzherald

Shame on you fairfax.

Shane on you TV3

Shame on you TVNZ

Shame on you Radio New Zealand.

Your integrity as reporters is zero.

Hell your integrity as human beings is zero.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a law against representing yourself to be sane and rational? There should be!