Friday, November 4, 2011

The Office: "Doomsday" Review

Best episode of the season so far, in fact this may save
The Office, it was that good, I would say one of the
best Office episodes ever.

Doomsday revolved around Dwight inventing
a computer program, that would send out an
email to Robert California if five mistakes are
made in one day.

A side story was Gabe trying to date the new warehouse
worker, with Daryl  also thinking he has a chance, it
turns out she doesn't date co workers. Gabe's pathetic
attempt to make her laugh, and Daryl's disappointment
came across as genuine.

The main story line was actually quite sweet, while all
the office was against Dwight's plan, Kevin wanted to
hit him over the head with a frying Pan, Jim's poor
attempt in trying to guess his password, and Kelly's screaming
at him to stop the email being sent out, it was Pam's genuine
kindness that made the episode.

She sent everybody out to Dwight's farm and had faith in
Dwight that he wouldn't sent out the email, because despite
Dwight being Dwight he actually likes his coworkers.

She was right, Dwight's little speech at the end, summed up
his true feelings, that he does care for these people.

The episode was perfect, ten out of ten.

Well done to the Office!!!

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