Thursday, November 10, 2011

NBA Talks Hit Eight Hours Today

Talks are in their eight hour as of writing this, and
today could be the day, when we are finally told,
that if there is going to be an NBA season or not.

I sincerely hope, if a agreement is not reached in
the next few hours, that the greatest commissioner in
sports, David Stern cancels the season, tells the players,
come back next year and we will talk, and by the way
our new bottom line is 60-40 of Revenue goes to the
Franchises, NBA and Owners.

There isnt a professional sport on the face of the Planet
that has offered their players such a great deal, 50-50
revenue sharing is unheard of, but it doesn't seem to be

On the other hand Heres hoping the players will take the deal,
 and here's hoping the Owners and franchises treat them
 like the stars that they are, and not money making machines.

Time well tell.

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