Thursday, November 17, 2011

Modern Family: "After The Fire" Review

It just gets better and better, I have blogged with
reviews of Modern Family before, and every single
time the show just gets funnier and cleverer and
warmer as it goes on.

Tonight's episode was titled "After the Fire" and
revolved everyone helping out a neighbor family
after their house burns down, that family is not
seen in this episode.

So many one liners tonight, so many visuals scenes,
and once again it's the kids that are stealing the show.

Alex had the line of the episode telling Hayley after she
confronted nerd bullies, who were picking on Luke and
Manny that "You have your fans, I have mine and your
fans will be working for mine someday"

Although Luke Line's  "I hope you like taxes" in reply
to Manny wanting to walk to Canada was a classic.

The warmth of the show came from the family getting
together and helping out a neighbour.

The Phil giving Jay a massage, and Jay a massage
had me in tears, and the wires getting crossed was
a nice touch, lets hope that Phil takes up the new

Cam was again funny, although I think the Claire story
line was good but not as strong as the rest of the

Again ten out of ten for this episode, best episode
of the season so far, and I would say an all time

Hats off to the entire cast and crew.

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gman said...

I agree that this show gets better all the time and this episode could have been silly with Cam sleeping in his clown costume but they really did a great job of making it seem believable and yet funny. I wasn’t about to miss my favorite show on TV and my kids made it easy to convince my wife we needed to get a DISH Network Tailgater for our yearly camping trip with my extended family. I just use the portable dish with my employee service and we’re watching TV. This time the only fighting we did was over what shows to watch.