Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Labour Runs Most Ugly Campaign in NZ History

Never in the history of New Zealand politics has
one political party run a campaign so ugly, so dirty
so repulsive that you actually do feel physically ill.

Not even in the 1990's when Labour was
basically being controlled by Marion Hobbs, did
they run so dirty.

I have been in a totally state of shock with how the
media has let them get away with these tactics.

The pamphlets that they have sent out to single mothers
could be considered threatening and I hope after the
election the police will look into them, the heavy
handed Union tactics would make Tony Soprano
blush. The way they have just played on people's
fear about so called asset sales, the way they have
dubbed anyone not voting for Labour as unkiwi,
is beyond sickening.

Twisting the successful Rena cleanup, using the
ChCh earthquake and tragic Pike river accident
in their campaign is just so sad, preying on people's
emotions, attacking John Key and his family, becoming
personal with every interview Goff does, as seen
the Labour Party reach it's low point.

The great David Lange would be ashamed.

Infact any decent human being should be ashamed
of how they have operated in this election.

Here's hoping the public will send them a clear message,
on election day, that the NewZealand public doesn't want
to go down that road.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

And National are so bloody wonderful Brett? John Key and National can be pretty nasty as well. Especially towards the poor and workers.

And what have you got against unions? They seek to get better wages and conditions, or do you want a sweatshop economy?

Brett Dale said...

I believe the unions are about their political ideology first and workers second, but each to their own.

Anonymous said...

So you would ban them? Do you support strong labour and employement law to protect workers from explotation or would you have a law of the jungle?

Brett Dale said...

I wouldn't ban unions, its all about choice, if you want to join a union you should be allowed, but you shouldnt be forced.