Monday, November 14, 2011

If Zac Guildford was a Rugby League Player

TVNZ: Another blackeye for the sport
of Rugby League today as more thuggish
behavior from a code that has it's fair share
of ugly incidents. When will Rugby league
players stop abusing and assaulting people
and should the game be banned in some schools
so the code can finally learn its lesson.

Brendan Telfer: This is animal type behavior
it just doesn't belong, what parent would want
their kid to play that game, throw him in jail,
throw the lot in jail, he's an adult and there
should be no excuse for his behavior. His
contract must be torn up.

TV3: A terrible year for Rugby League has
just got worse, a year that saw its players
getting drunk, smashing up hotel rooms and
assaulting innocent members of the public, now has the
drunken lout Zac Guildford embarrassing
himself and his country and ruined a family's
wedding. Make no mistake its not a problem
with booze he has, it's a problem with acting human,
like all league players he is a disgrace.

NZHerald: Has Rugby league player Zac
Guilford finally killed off the sport of rugby league?
This repulsive, disgusting behavior is not acceptable
in this day and age and no excuse can be made, to
blame the booze is just another excuse from the
heads of Rugby League to shift the blame, and
the public shouldn't accept it anymore.

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