Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hypocrite's Life Time Achievement Award to the Minto's

John Minto and his wife surly have to get a lifetime
 achievement award for being  hypocrites.

A bunch of little kids went Halloweening and
went to John Minto and his wife's house.

The sound of disgust in John Minto's wifes voice and
I would go as far to say the cruel nature in the way she
spoke, could of not been played better in a horror

She told the kids in a chilling voice "You dont have to
knock six times, byeeeeeeee"

If I was one of those kids I would of said something like
"And your husband doesn't have to yell at abuse at
tennis players for six hours"


"Yeah because someone annoying you and disturbing your
peace is really really wrong, isnt it?"

I mean they were kids, and because they were
celebrating an American holiday, the Minto's
had to show disgust for it.

As a preadolescent I use to love what Minto
did in fighting apartheid, but then I came to
realize that he couldn't care less about equal
rights or peace, it's his own political viewpoint
extreme socialism and a pure hate for the West
and America that drives him.

Which is why I think they must have a life time
achievement award for being Hypocrites, they
also have a superiority complex, Mrs Minto
sounded like she was in shock and these kids
had done something horribly wrong to her and
her husband, but hey she has the right to disturb
and disrupt anyone she likes.

Mr and Mrs Minto are Hypocrites of the worst kind.
Thus they have earned a life time achievement award.

Heres hoping the little kids got a lot of yummy candy from
other politicians.

(The kids were filmed by tv3 to see what politicians
would give out candy and what ones wouldn't)

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