Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gary Busey The Apprentice

That crazy Gary Busey is currently on New
Zealand TV screens in The Apprentice.

Gary who suffered  a brain injury in 1988, is
doing all sorts of crazy stuff on the Apprentice,
just like in his acting days.  Of course the editors
of the programme are trying to make him out
to be more crazy than he is, but it seems the
viewers are getting laughs out of his crazy antics.

Gary is showing the usual behavior patterns of
someone who is brain injured, he may look vacant,
he may say something that has nothing to do with the
conversation or the task that is going on, he may be
short tempered, but his heart's in the right place.

I say, he has the right to go on a  reality show and he
has the right to have his say, we shouldn't laugh at him
we should laugh with him, we should celebrate his
differences, the guy cheated death, he should be

Stand up and cheer him on, listen to Randy Newman's
classic song, "I'm Different" and think of Gary.

He is not a bully, he doesn't have a ego, he is just

Lets hope there is a little bit of Gary Busey in all of

We could all do with a bit of crazy in our life's.

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