Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr Conrad Murray Guilty

Dr Conrad Murray has been found guilty of
involuntary manslaughter.

Now I wasn't part of the jury, so I didn't see all of
the evidence, but Im kinda guessing if the victim wasn't
Michael Jackson, there wouldn't be a trial and there
certainly wouldn't be a bunch of muppets cheering the verdict,
what do they expect?, that the Ghost of Michael Jackson will
come and sing Thriller to them.

The thing that got me, was not the verdict though,
but the fact that the Judge remanded Dr Murray and
didn't give him bail before sentencing because the
Judge thought he would be a threat to public safety.

A threat to public safety?????? Is he kidding me???
Does he think Dr Murray is going to run around
LA with a bottle of propofol in his hand.

Like I said, I'm not sure if the verdict is correct, it
could be, but the lesson I learned from this is, OJ
was damn lucky that he wasn't charged with murdering
people that were famous.

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