Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did Bradley Ambrose covertly tape Prime Minister Key?


(December 6th, put back Original photo since, copywrite
claimant provided no proof that they were the original
owner of the photo,  and just called themselves, anonymous)

(Update July 11th replaced old photo with new photo
of Bradley Ambrose)

(Update april 11th, I have removed a photo, over a claim
of copy write, I will now no longer remove anything from
this blog, if it's asked as "anonymous")

It would appear that the Journo who covertly audio
taped Prime Minister Key and John Banks was Bradley
Ambrose according to some Bloggers.

Some may say this is great Journalism, some may say it
belongs in the gutter with the tabloid press.

Here is my problem with Bradley Ambrose, he hasn't
came out and admit what he did, but he hasn't denied it.

Now that would be bad enough, but the herald is now saying
it was a complete accident and the reporter didn't know
that he was secretly recording the Prime Minister.

For me this goes beyond being sinister, to place a device and
record it and then say it was an accident is terrible and a slap
in the face to Journalism.

Several surveillance experts have came out and suggested that
its not cemented in reality that he didn't know he was recording.
In fact there is not one surveillance expert that has come out
and supported the so called  anonymous reporter's theory.

My advice to Bradley Ambrose would be to confirm or
deny that it's him.

Time will tell.
(This post has been edited thanks to information in
the comments about the time of a post Bradley made on
his facebook)


Anonymous said...

The comment about the interesting story in the Herald was posted on a Friday. (Look closely at Whaleoils screen shot and you'll see the date).
I would guess that would refer to The Weekend Herald.
That would be completely separate from the Herald on Sunday.
You may want to change or remove that paragraph.

Brett Dale said...

Thanks for the headsup!

Brett Dale said...

I have now removed the facebook paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir. Please remove this image from your site. It is copyright of the author.

Brett Dale said...

Been away for over two months, you said this image is copyright of the author, I will removed this image.

Just a headsup, perhaps dont post as annoymous next time.

Bradley Ambrose said...

I asked you fairly pleasantly that this image was not yours and to take it down. It falls outside of Fair Use under NZ copyright law and you are to cease and desist using this image.

Bradley Ambrose said...

I demand that you remove this image. It is copyright of the owner. I claim to be the owner And have already asked for it to be removed.
if you continue to use this image you will be invoiced for the unauthorised use.
thank you

Brett Dale said...
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Brett Dale said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brett Dale said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brett Dale said...

Thanks to Bradley for confirming that it was him, who asked the photo to be removed. The photo has now been taken down.