Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why an All Blacks win would Kill New Zealand Sport

(The All Blacks are the nickname of New Zealand's
National Rugby team)

If the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup, the country
will celebrate like crazy, we will be happy for months
and months on end, and New Zealanders
deserve to celebrate after the year we have had.

In saying this though, in the long run an All Blacks
victory will kill New Zealand sport, it will be the
death of sport in this country and we will never

Rugby is our national sport, which is good if your
a rugby fan, but unlike other countries national sports,
Rugby has a habit of walking all over every other sport
to a point where if you say you like another sport over
Rugby, or don't follow the All Blacks that closely, you
are likely to be physically assaulted.

We have always been told wrongly, that the All Blacks
are loved thru out the world and even last night, Mark
Watson made  one of the most factually incorrect statements
yet, by saying the All Blacks are the greatest team in
the history of world sport, a bold thing to say considering
90% of the world has never heard of the All Blacks.

But lets get back to the death of New Zealand sport,
the media, the likes of Brendan Telfer and Andrew
Saville for some reason tell the NewZealand public
that these All Blacks have the speed of world class
sprinters, could change codes (not just rugby league)
and fit into any other national team.

What an insult to our track and field runners, our
Basketballers, our footballers, that thanks to the
media, the public think just because someone is
an All Black they must be better at anything that
any other sports person does.

You could walk down the street and ask
100 people who are faster?, The All Blacks
or the New Zealand four by 100 relay team
and I'm guessing 95% of people would say
The All Blacks, you could ask any NewZealander
could the All Blacks make the NFL and they
would answer yes, heck you could ask them
could the All Blacks make the NBA and they
would answer yes.

What an insult this is to the New Zealanders
who actually played Basketball and American
Football and have made the NFL and NBA and what a insult
to our track team.

Take a look, when overseas sports stars come
to New Zealand, the first thing the media asks
them is "What do you think of the All Blacks?"

Take a look at the history of our country, kids
getting the cane at school  because they want to play
Rugby league or Soccer instead of Rugby Union.

This is where we are at now and always have
been, if we win the 2011 world cup, it will be
a thousand times worse, and it will kill NewZealand

Funding for sports deemed to be in competition with
Rugby Union, (Basketball, Football, Rugby League,
Track and Field, Swimming) will be cut by Sparc.

Schools will only pour money into Rugby Union,
no other kid no matter how talented will get a look
in, and generations of sporting talent will be lost.

The media will again try to totally ignore achievements
by other codes, and it will  be continue to be drummed into
us that the All Blacks could make the switch to any sport
and be better.

There will be be meetings with  media giants that they
arent to focus on any sport that could take public
attention away, less and less sports will be covered,
thus  sport will die a slow and painful death.

Every sponsor will try and align with the sport
of Rugby Union and the money will dry up.

If an  All Black has a brush with the law,
it will be swept under carpet, if a player from
another code's has a  brush with the law, he will be called
a villain.

Like I said this is happening now, but if The All
Blacks win the Rugby World Cup, this will
increase to such a level that sport in this
country will die, and it will only be the All
Blacks that will ever get any sort of praise
or coverage or sponsorship that is needed
to keep a sport alive.

At the beginning of this post, I said an All
Blacks victory will be great for the country
after the shocking year NewZealand has
had, it will make people happy and give
people some wonderful memories, it's
just too bad it comes with a much heavier

The death of sport in New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot!

Brett Dale said...

That's what she said.