Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What would Scooby do?

I'm breaking a golden rule here, and writing
about a wee incident that happened. So there
I was walking my dog in a park, that in a few
weeks wont be a park anymore, it will be a
new sewer system. This park has also become
a dumping ground for the city's liquefaction, it's
some nasty stuff, which is best not breathed in.

Anyway, I was txting away, while walking my dog
on a lead, (this park says you have to have your dog
on a lead BTW) when this rather little yapping dog
which wasn't on a lead ran over to say hi, this dog
then ran off to play in the liquefaction, a couple of
minutes later I saw a couple of kids playing in the

Well I thought it's not my place to say anything to
the lady with the dog and the kids,  even though
her kids were putting their health at risk by
playing in the liquefaction and her dog was all
over the place, so I walked on.

I heard a  very aggressive scream, I turned around and
 she said to me "Hey you, are you going to pick up your
dog's mess, it will make it a better experience for all of

Now it wasn't what she said, but the way she said it, in
a manner that she had some sort of superiority complex.
I wanted to say "Your dog is suppose to be on a lead
and your not suppose to let your kids play in liquefaction"

Having no backbone I didn't  and just said, "sure" and walked

Now who was wrong or right, is not the point.

What I would like to know is, why do some people feel
 the need to share their opinion with me? I mean people
 I don't know telling me their opinion, have they got nothing
better to do with their day? Are they lacking something?
 Or is it me?

I would get ripped into for saying this, if people
actually commented on my blog, but why is it
always the same, the people who have to give me
their opinion on something is always Middle aged

I may not be doing anything bad, not swearing, not
being a jerk, just going about my daily business, but
it's a common occurrence, that middle aged woman
who don't me have to give me their opinion.

Can someone tell me Why?

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