Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Twit on Twitter

I was once having a conversation with someone
about Twitter and I told them, that Jesse Ryder
(New Zealand Cricket Player) was on Twitter.

This person then said "Ah a Twit on Twitter"

I cracked up laughing.

But it got me thinking, why are famous people
on twitter?? For years we have heard about
cases of privacy, famous people getting their
phones hacked or their emails hacked, but
now all their private messages to one and other
are there out in the open.

It's bizarre, why would you do this? why if your
a famous actor or sport star or singer or even just
known to the public would you send tweets out
to other famous people? Is it to get back at the
Paparazzi, are you trying to make them obsolete?

I can understand the public using Twitter, who has
time to send out a dozen emails a day to let people
know what you are doing? You might as well just
write a 140 character message on Twitter.

Also the public seem to be using this in the hope
that their favorite actor or singer will tweet them.
There was a case of one blogger called Boganette
who pretended to be furious when Stephen Fry
replied to one of her tweets and overnight she
had thousands of people adding her, I would say
she wasn't actually furious, she would of been

So in terms of the public, it's like the autograph
or attention seeker, they are dying for that
one tweet from someone they admire, and you
know if that makes their day, then good on them.

In terms of famous people, it's all about increasing
their fanbase, its the age of story, "you aren't judge by
who you are, but by who you sit next to"

How long will Twitter last? Im not sure? But I do
know if companies try to mass market on it, that will
surly be the death of it.

Anyway to follow this blogger, just search for "gopolks"

Not that I have anything interesting to say.

Time will tell in that department.

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