Monday, October 31, 2011

Phil Goff Debate Disaster

The first debate between Labour Leader Phil Goff and
Prime Minister John Key took place tonight, and Phil
Goff made some huge tactical mistakes.

He had to lose his wimpy image while sticking to the
issues, he went about it the wrong way. In interviews
before this debate, he said he wont play the person
but he will stick to labour policies.

He did the opposite, every time Prime Minister John
Key talked, Goff interrupted him and attacked him and
National. Key remained cool and calm thruout, and gave
out stats and hard data for his view point.

One may even say, Key Played Goff perfectly, he went
fishing, Goff bit, and Key reeled him in with calm answers.

I'm not a political person, but Key's ideas seem better,
and Goff came across as old Labour.

It wasn't a huge knockout, 60-40 to Key I would say,
but it could of been a lot better for the people of
New Zealand if Goff had of known, how to debate.

He doesn't.

Round one to National.

They are looking like a two term Government.

Time will tell.


Morrissey Breen said...

Nearly every commentator, and certainly every unbiased commentator, agreed that Goff was far superior to Key tonight. Your "judgement" seems to come from another planet.

Your observations about politics bear as much resemblance to reality as your asinine comments about sport.

Brett Dale said...

Who are these commentators? Most say what I'm thinking? Goff attacked too much, and didn't come across well, while Key gave stats and hard data to his policies.

Brett Dale said...

Just out of interest, your name is ringing a bell, your not the guy who used to write on usenet "this writer moi" when the subject was a sporting one.

I think it was nz.general???

This is like over ten years ago.

Or are you from Pandasport?