Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Office Lotto Review

This week episode of the Office was called Lotto and
revolved around Darryl's former warehouse buddies,
winning the lottery, thus making the now office worker
Darryl depressed. The show had it's moment's with
Ryan's little Chat with Pam being a highlight.

The focus though was really on Andy Bernard and
the speech he gave to Darryl to help him come
out of his depression and not quite, and the line of
the night came from Darryl when he said  "My future
is determined by six little white balls, but by two big
black ones"

Again the only low point from tonight's office, comes
from Jim, getting one over on Dwight, this gets old
rather quickly and I find myself cheering for Dwight
and not Jim how you are suppose to.

Hopefully the Office will continue to get funnier and
funnier and let us also hope that Robert California
will be back next week.

Time will tell.

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