Friday, October 14, 2011

The Office: "Garden Party" Review

The latest episode of the Office, "Garden Party"
may of been an Andy episode as he tried to impress
his boss and his parents, but once again, I was left
with the feeling of how much I now dislike Jim Halpert.

For six seasons and most of the seventh season, I cheered
him on with his war with Dwight, thinking Dwight deserved
it, but now I feel sorry for Dwight and I'm actually thinking
that is he a victim of Jim's bullying.

I'm not sure if this is a long term plan or a injoke with the writers,
but as the viewers, are we suppose to turn against Jim?

Jim going to the trouble to write a book about
Garden parties  was actually cruel  and it wasn't a case
of Jim trying to make Pam laugh or teach him a
lesson, it was a case of harassment, he didnt
even think how this would effect Andy's party,  I can only
hope that they are going somewhere with this,
because they need to for the sake of the Jim/Dwight
storyline, if they want to tell the viewer what a great
guy Jim is, well this is the wrong way to go about it.

Anyway back to the episode itself, it was great to
see them out of the office environment, and this episode
showed the kindness and tryhard attitude of the Nard dog,
I always thought Andy should play a bigger role and it
seems like he is going to, the rest of the cast didn't have
much to do, apart from a few liners and a few scenes
although those scenes were classic, the billboards getting defaced,
Gabe's reaction to Andy stealing his idea, Kevin putting his
fingers to the waiters face, poor Toby having his card driven
through the corn field, Dwight's little dance.

James Spader's Robert California once again gave an
amazing speech which made me think of Boston Legal.

It was great to see at the end of the episode, Darryl and
Oscar offering Andy a beer and burger to make up for
his awful day.

All in All it was better than last week, and hopefully the
rest of the season will get better and better.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Oddly, I must agree with you on the view of Jim as a bully. I've noticed that his jokes & demeanor have become less humorous and more vindictive, maybe because of the sheer fact that in earlier seasons, he was making Pam laugh, or really sticking it to Dwight for being ridiculous. But now, it's almost overkill. And I love Jim, I'm a big Jim + Pam fan, but lately I'm not loving the character as much. Hoping this is Novak's way of chaing character rolls, cause Dwight does have something wonderfully charming about him!!

Brett Dale said...

yeah, i felt the early years Jim was doing it to make Pam Happy, or just sticking it to Dwight for being an idiot, but he seems to be going over the top for no reason now, I liked the early Jim and cheered like crazy, when he got with Pam, but Im kinda perfer Dwight now.