Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Family: "Go Bullfrogs" Review

Modern Family just gets better and better and better.

Tonight's episode was titled "Go Bullfrogs" and revolved
around Phil taking Haley to visit his Alma mater and
other colleges. The side stories were Claire going
out with Mitch and Cam on a boys night out and
Gloria and Jay worried about how fast Manny is
growing up.

It's amazing how this show is funnier and funnier as
each episode goes on, and for me, it's Phil that
makes this show, he is the heart and soul of it,
his interaction with his kid is spot on, and a
big hats off to the child actors who unlike
other Tv programmes, are the age that they
are playing, and this is one of the reasons
Modern Family works.

Highlights of tonight's episode were Phil
high fiving someone then Haley told him
he's just shielding his eyes from the sun,
Phil dancing with the cheerleaders and his
interaction with Haley.

Jay's "It's Spanish for big hair and yelling" line
had me in stitches. Also Cam's  "Pick a
side of the room lady" will go down as
a classic.

Manny trying to make himself taller was
more thrown in there, but I did like Jay
ending up liking the Spanish show.

Claire was good, you had to feel sorry for her,
although I thought she may of guessed the
guy was straight.

Mitch and Cam were their usual funny themselves,
the part when the car got attacked seemed more
scary than funny at one moment.

This episode though belonged to Phil and Haley,
again the tender and funny moment near the end
is what makes Modern Family, real and special,
he is the poster child for what all dads should be
like with their daughters.

For myself, I hope they never lose this aspect of the

Ten out of Ten.

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