Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jim Henson is Everywhere

The late great Jim Henson is everywhere, he would of
turned 75 years old last saturday, and if he still was
alive, he would of loved how his creations is still
loved all over the world,  and how much those
Muppets mean to people.

His son has kept his legacy alive, with the
upcoming Muppets movie set to screen this
year, and countless unseen Muppet moments
are also due for release, plus the historic
A tale of sand.

Who on the planet hasn't heard of Kermit the
Frog or Fozzie bear and Miss Piggy, who
doesn't like the Swedish Chef or the
song rainbow connection.

Jim Henson should be celebrated and
honored, his son has been doing great
work to keep the Muppets alive for
generations to come.

Here's hoping it will continue.

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