Monday, October 31, 2011

Jesse Ryder Injured Again

Seriously Jesse?

Your injured again?? This time a right calf strain?

Do you think that perhaps if you actually trained during
the off season instead of eating a ton of McNuggets.
you might of avoided injury.

Shame on NewZealand cricket, for offering this guy
a contract, shame on New Zealand cricket for
giving  Ryder so many one last chances.

Also shame on the public for thinking it's  a bit of
a laugh having an out of shape sportsperson in
our national team.

I'm kinda guessing Ryder will be injured for a long time,
then when the ICL comes around, he will be fit again, and
will ask NZ Cricket for another contract.

He doesn't deserve one.

Lets hope he has played his last match for his country.

Time will tell.

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