Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Jim Halpert a Sociopath?

Is Jim Halpert a Sociopath?

That is the question I'm asking myself, after the latest
episode of the Office.

Have the writers being leading us to believe, that he is
just this nice guy slacker who loves pulling pranks on
his fellow coworkers, only to fool us sometime in  the
future with an episode that will shock.

If so, they are taking their time because The Office has
been going on  for eight seasons.

Take a look at Jim's behavior thruout the years, he started
playing pranks on Dwight, if Dwight did something he
deemed to be stupid, he then played  pranks to
impress Pam, now that he has his family and is happy
with his lot in life , he still seems to be trying to make life
hell for his fellow coworkers.

So what is the  behavior of a sociopath?

Well according to the Statistical manual of disorders,
a Sociopath has these traits.

Pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of
the rights of others.

Failure to conform to social norms.

Deception or conning others for pleasure.

Consistent irresponsibility at work.

A Lack of remorse.

Does this sound like anyone to you? To me it
sums up Jim Halpert.

Take a look over the years his treatment of Dwight
for his own enjoyment. From hiding his desk  in a
bathroom, from locking him into his own workspace,
paying coworkers to call him another name, stealing
his personal property, staring, physical assaults, the
list goes on and on.

This current season he is even starting to undermine
Andy in office meetings, there is a constant harassment
of anyone he deems to be inferior or not doing a good

The Garden Party episode was awful, when Andy set up a
Garden Party to impress his parents, and his new
boss Robert California, he hired Dwight to run it,
when Jim Halpert found this out, the lengths he
went to was absurd, he wrote a book, published
one copy, sold it to Dwight under another name,
just so he could laugh at Dwight as Dwight did
all the wrong things.

Jim didn't think how it would  ruin Andy's party or Dwight's
business, he only thought of his own pleasure, and
isn't that what a sociopath does???

Don't get me wrong, I loved the early Jim, I laughed
and cried when he finally got together with Pam, but
lately, Im changing my mind about him, maybe it
started when Pam had her first kid, and Jim was
at a happy and content place, so there should be
no need to give it to his coworkers?

I hope the writers of The Office are going somewhere
this, I hope they are trying to show the viewers a
pattern of behavior, that even though we are suppose
to love Jim as a prankster, what he is doing is actually
wrong and maybe just maybe they will do an episode
where they will truly shock every office fan.

It would make for great television and go down
in history, I only hope the writers have the courage
to do it, but I anit holding my breath.

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