Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is Jim Halpert a Bully?

The past two seasons of The Office, I have noticed a
change in Jim Halpert. For six seasons I cheered him
on with his pranks on Dwight, but in season seven and
the first two episodes of this season, I'm starting to change
my mind about Jim Halpert.

His pranks on Dwight, (which was basically done to make
Pam laugh) got a bit repetitive and I started to think, wow
I wouldn't want to work with someone like Jim, he is
actually not the nice guy he is suppose to be, he's  a
jerk who pisses people off for his own amusement.

The second episode of the eighth season confirmed this
for me, (despite the scene later in the episode outside the
tattoo parlour) Jim was cruel to Andy Bernard, when he
was trying to do his speech and struggling, Jim could
of helped out but Jim pushed and pushed to make a
more awkward situation for Andy worse.

There was no need for this, there has been no
rivalry between Andy and Jim, so I'm not if
the writers are slowly trying to turn Jim into
a bad guy, or if it's some sort of in joke between
the writers, or if it's just me, but Jim is no longer
funny, he justs comes across as the class clown
who has to rely on cruel pranks to get a laugh.

Here's hoping the writers give us the old Jim

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